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The grass withers and the flowers fall but the word of our God stands forever "Isaiah 40:8"

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May 08, 2010

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In the second week after we started opening of Sunday school service, we were awfully astonished and wondered because in reality the respond who was given from children’s parents as well as these children were marvelous excellent and those things definitely made us more desire to served deeper on this ministry.

In the second week onwards, we saw the progress that very significant since from number of children who had been presented and following the fellowship. Even more many of them who had been coming with their parents. Certainly these reason were made us more energized handling the ministry of God.

In the third week, we started thinking how to multiply the quality of the Sunday school service by was doing some kinds method. At started from asking the children to come in front of platform due sing a song such as a single, duet, trio as well as by together. Afterward we also made the event to singing while they walk around inside room church. Even more we had coached them became a prayer and song leader by was seeking the potentially who had in them.

The other things that we did i.e. gave them task due memorized the scriptures of Bible which related with our preaching then next week should be spoken by them. Who ever can be memorized accordingly and properly, we gave them reward such as pencil, ballpoint, eraser, ruler, book, etc therefore these things made them more energized to follow the fellowship onwards.

Here are attached the picture of children Sunday school in our service. Looked they awfully enthusiasm and energized.