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Alan Stallworth


The wilderness will rejoice and blossom.

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In today's world, we need prophets. New men that have been in the desert with God, in deep and constant prayer. Men who live according to the Gospel and who comunicate it to others. May |mais

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I loved you dearly

Dec 01, 2008

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I dreamed one day I was in Heaven, and the Lord God himself came to speak to me, and said: "I loved you dearly every day of your worldly life". Then I asked Him: "Why, Lord, if you loved me so much did you let me go though so much adversity and painful situations." And He answered: "Because, if you wouldn't have gone through these trials, you wouldn't be here with me."
So let's not ask why we suffer so much adversity in life, but what advantage can I get out of these adverse situations. '