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Alan Stallworth


The wilderness will rejoice and blossom.

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In today's world, we need prophets. New men that have been in the desert with God, in deep and constant prayer. Men who live according to the Gospel and who comunicate it to others. May |mais

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Dec 29, 2011

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     In John 10:19 the Lord Jesus tells us that his followers were never meant to go through life feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, or discouraged. He came to give His life so that you and I could live life to the full.

     Jesus came to give meaning and purpose to our lives. He doesn't want us to go through life discouraged and disillusioned.

     He asks us to make him the center of our lives, to follow him, and to serve him wherever we may find ourselves. And when we do, we'll never have to ask, "Is that all there is?". We'll know there's always more to come in the full life Jesus invites us to share.