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Alan Stallworth


The wilderness will rejoice and blossom.

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In today's world, we need prophets. New men that have been in the desert with God, in deep and constant prayer. Men who live according to the Gospel and who comunicate it to others. May |mais

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Creation appreciation

Jan 03, 2012

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    We marvel about the wisdom of God in all his creation. Each creature has its place, but none is given total independence. We can see that everything that God made is blessed with limits. The stork knows its seasons, the sea knows its bounderies, and even the caterpillars are given the limits by God. Yet, within their limits, flowering plants and insects, trees and birds, mushrooms and centipedes, all have their places.

     Jesus Christ is the One through whom the Father created all things, and He holds all things together, for we creatures are all inter-dependent. ALL THINGS! And He reconciles all things to Himself.

    God cares for the world, and His will is that we do the same.

    We can study God's Word and the world, patiently learning the ways that God works and how we can take care of what God has made. As we read Scriptures and better understand God's relationship to creation, and as we see God's provisions in a wasp, a tree, birds or dolphins, we can become better keepers of God's earth. We can look for Bible passages which enhance our Creation appreciation such as Psalms 65, 93, 104 and 148,  and many, many others...