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Alan Stallworth


The wilderness will rejoice and blossom.

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In today's world, we need prophets. New men that have been in the desert with God, in deep and constant prayer. Men who live according to the Gospel and who comunicate it to others. May |mais

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Pressure As a Developer of Grace

Dec 07, 2008

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Sometimes pressure can weaken us, or can even be destructive. It may be one more request than we can fulfill or one more responsibility than we can manage: one more telephone call to make, one more pile of dishes to wash, one more room to clean, one more complaint to listen to, one more interruption to deal with, one more...
Perhaps to acquire grace under pressure, we need to accept our pressures as coming from God, or at least as being permitted by Him for our own good. And we should not mind how great the pressure is but where the pressure is.
If we make sure that the pressure does not come between us and God, then the pressure can move us closer to Him.
The greater the pressure, the closer to Jesus we can be. He knew what pressure was all about. The pressure to say yes to His sacrifice when he could have turned back was far greater than any of us can experience.