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Nelly Garo


Praise LORD! He keeps us safe. He will become like a tree planted by rivers of waters.(Jeremiah 17.8)

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God save the souls of those 32 young people burned in a club in Bucharest on October 30th night! The entire town was scared of the calamity. Other 146 were injured, and 90 of them are |mais

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Mar 05, 2013

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A sinner in Rome, called Victorin scared to death of his many sins

 entered the monastery within the name of  Emilian.

He started  subjecting to heavy tryings, marvelling all and making them

also endeavour for their salvation.


That hermitage was settled in a tall mountain, carved into the rock.

Emilian prayed with many tears to be forgiven.

The abbot followed him in a night to the cave, where Emiian used to pray.

He watched Emilian and saw a light from the sky and a voice

confirming that Emilian was forgiven.

Returning to the hermitage, the abbot said to the other monks about

the miracle.

"Almighty God has given you His infinite mercy, and you should  thank to Him."


Repentance is the way  to salvation

We remember of Saint martyr Emilian on March 7th.