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Nelly Garo


Praise LORD! He keeps us safe. He will become like a tree planted by rivers of waters.(Jeremiah 17.8)

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God save the souls of those 32 young people burned in a club in Bucharest on October 30th night! The entire town was scared of the calamity. Other 146 were injured, and 90 of them are |mais

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Apr 23, 2013

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Being in the guard of Diocletian, Georgios confessed and declared himself, as a Christian.

He was beheaded after tortures on April 23rd 303.

The legend of killing the dragon dates since the eleventh century Crusaders’ stories.  The iconography of the Eastern Orthodox Church depicted the Saint

as a soldier.

The name of His lance was Ascalon( the city in Levant named so).

Pope Gelasius I canonized the Saint in 494.

Saint George became the protector of the royal family since the fourteenth

Century. He was viewed as mounted on a white horse.


The thracian tradition mentioned the ezotheric nature of the dragon, it laid

before the feet of Saint George, but was not killed by the Saint.

The dragon was depicted on the Thracian flag.