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Video production tips

Sep 25, 2013

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You are passionate about video production and would like to produce some cool videos for your church, youth group or for your website? We would like to share with you some video production tips this week which we found on We hope they will inspire you!

What’s the Story? 

Though you don’t need to have a written-out script, you should know ahead of time the through-line of the video. What is the theme? What are the key points? What should the people watching the video take away from it?

Who Are the Players?

Once you know what kind of story you want to tell, you need to identify who will be telling it. Will the video feature a narrator? Or will your interview subjects tell the story through their answers to your questions?

A pre-interview, where you talk over the phone or in person and go over the kind of questions you’re going to ask to find out how they’d answer, is strongly recommended.

Interview Questions/Testimonies

-When interviewing, ask your interview subject to answer succinctly in order to keep your video in the planned timeline.

-In case you're not using a narrator, please ask your interview subject(s) to give you something for an opening statement and a closing remark.

A few technical notes:

-Ideally there's another person who handles the camera. The interviewer should sit or stand slightly to the left or right of the camera (out of frame), and the interview subject should look at the interviewer. If you look straight to camera, you get a kind of “deer in headlights” look. 

-If you have two interview subjects in the piece, one should look left and one should look right – so when you have back-to-back bites, they look like they are looking at each other.

-To ensure a good audio quality please use a separate microphone. Usually cameras include a mic but to get the best result use a wireless mic for your interview subject. 

Video Permission

-When you're shooting in a public institution please ask permission from e.g. a manager. If you're shooting in a room where are many people and some of them don't want to appear on a film, ask them to move further from the camera.


If you are using music, you have to make sure it is not copyrighted material. The Video Production Center can give you access to music that is allowed to use.

Video Length

The average television story is less than 2 minutes. People who are watching tv or videos can be simultaneously doing several other things at the same time. By keeping web videos short you save the camera memory, improve bandwidth and uploading.

Tech Tips & Terms 

-Always white balance when you change shooting situations in order to avoid blue video.

-Avoid extreme camera angles and excessive zooming.

-In general, don’t overdo effects within one video.

-Think of your favorite television program or commercial and pick up some details you could use in your shootings too. For more tips, please click the link below to have access to the complete Video Production Guide:


1) Don't forget to distribute your videos throughout the internet on video platforms like, YouTube as well as on other Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, …) in order to reach more people with your message.

2) Integrate your videos on your website, which helps optimizing your page rank on search engines, driving new traffic to your website and it's a great eye catcher for visitors on your website. Statistics show that people are more likely to spend time on your website when there are videos integrated. offers video integrations tools with professional embeddable video players and cutting-edge technology. Please check out: to visit our video integration services.

We hope these tips will help you to Share the Glory through videos!

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