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Creation Magazine LIVE!

Creation Magazine LIVE!

CreationMinistriesInternationalThe Creation Magazine LIVE! TV program is a ministry of Creation Ministries International. With offices in seven countries and more PhD scientists than any Christian organization this program shows how the latest scientific discoveries support the Bible and refute evolution and million of years.
Scientific and biblical evidence for creation to grow your faith and increase your trust in the accuracy of God's Word.

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(7-17) Faith and facts

622 Exibições

(7-16) Does God exist?

456 Exibições

(7-14) Who were the Nephilim?

1,498 Exibições

(7-09) What is the image of God?

851 Exibições

(7-08) Big Bang and the Bible

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(7-05) Is Genesis poetry?

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(6-24) Geniuses in the genealogies

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(6-23) The lost squadron

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(6-14) What about mammoths?

926 Exibições

Páginade 5
1 - 35 de 141 Vídeos