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Alan Stallworth


The wilderness will rejoice and blossom.

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In today's world, we need prophets. New men that have been in the desert with God, in deep and constant prayer. Men who live according to the Gospel and who comunicate it to others. May |mais

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Dec 07, 2008

Pressure As a Developer of Grace

Sometimes pressure can weaken us, or can even be destructive. It may be one more request than we can fulfill or one more responsibility than we can manage: one more telephone call to make, one more pile of dishes to wash, one more room to clean, one |mais
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Pressure As a Developer of Grace

Dec 02, 2008


The storm is raging- I can feel the tug of uncertainty. Calm the swaying, Lord, to a quiet to a rest. I look to you in trust, If not in my understanding I know in your love there is quiet there is rest. Your warmth of being touches my |mais
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Dec 01, 2008

I loved you dearly

I dreamed one day I was in Heaven, and the Lord God himself came to speak to me, and said: "I loved you dearly every day of your worldly life". Then I asked Him: "Why, Lord, if you loved me so much did you let me go though so much adversity and painful |mais
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Nov 15, 2008


When the world comes crushing in, and chaos rules my life, I turn my heart to you,Oh Lord, and pure, sweet peace I find.
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Oct 29, 2008

Time to Pray

Our world moves at an extremely fast pace. We intend to make time for prayer, but there always seems to be something else that screams for our attention. However, Jesus always found time to pray. If prayer was important to Him, it should be to us |mais
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Oct 28, 2008

Our Actions

If we repeat again and again the same thought, word or deed, that becomes habit and habit makes character. Therefore, whatever we think, or say or do, we need to consider carefully what the consequences, good or bad, will be. We must not be |mais
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