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Isaac Samuel Babulal Seelam

isaacbabulal|United States

God is asking us to seek for justice and peace in the world. This means that we have to strive for the dignity and humanity of the dalits and tribals in India. Please join hands as still the twenty five percent of people in India are in bondage.

Dear Brother and Sister

Whoever has come to this page please take a few moments and read through this. I am a pastor and right now a student of theology in the US. I have been saved by the grace of God and the love of Christian Missionaries from Canada. In fact, it was my grandfather, who was the first christian, from our families in those early days of mission work. I should also tell you that we were a people who were considered in India as the "untouchables" now who call themselves as Dalits. These people are more than25% of the people in India. The Tribals in India make up a small but significant 8%. These numbers may seem small but when you consider in a people more than 1 billion it is significant. Most of the Christians in India come from these communities, who were for so long considered as subhuman and treated lesser than animals. Still there lives have not changed. The government, on the surface seems to do so much for them, but in reality is not.These people are just going to be like this for ever. I wish if people in India, at least, the children of God will come to gether and give a face and a voice to this people.

Thank you and God bless

Rev. Isaac Seelam











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