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Tony Rajanayagam

TonyRajanayagam|Sri Lanka

Thank you, Lord, for the light of your presence which has made me truly alive.I praise You that your light far exceeds the glory of the flickering lights of this world. Your light within me outshines the brightness of the sun.

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My Dear Brothers & Sisters, in Christ Jesus !! I guess that, whiles we intercede in prayer for others. There comes a day when we have to call our own. So this is my personal call to you |mais

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Dec 29, 2013

The Last Unopened Gift

The Last Unopened Gift   Did you see it? You may have missed it...but it was there. Don't feel bad; most people overlook this one, but there is still time. Today, before the new year gets here, before all the |mais
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Dec 23, 2013

God With Us

      God With Us   Behold, "The Virgin will conceive and give birth to a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel," (which is means, “God with us.”) —Matthew 1:23 |mais
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Dec 11, 2013


"They beckoned unto their partners in the other boat, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the boats."- Luk_5:7 (R.V.).WE ALL want to fill our nets and boats with the fish that we have caught for Christ. How shall we do it? |mais
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Feb 14, 2013

A Time to Reflect and Prepare

A solemn reminder on Ash Wednesday,(the beginning of Lent) was that we are upon this earth for only a very short time. For as Longfellow reminds us, "'Dust thou art, to dust returnest,' was not spoken of the soul." Our days are relatively few, our |mais
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A Time to Reflect and Prepare

Feb 12, 2013

The Rolls Royce

The great British automaker Rolls Royce takes great pride in the reliability of their handcrafted automobiles. An obviously wealthy owner of a Rolls took it to Europe on an extended trip. While traveling in France the car had some mechanical problem. He |mais
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Sep 04, 2012

To Live With God

God made us to live with Him. In the Garden of Eden, just as the first human beings lived with God, enjoying the blessings of close relationships with Him. However after they sinned they had to leave God’s presence. But God still made a way |mais
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To Live With God

Jun 28, 2012

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 A Christian Calling to Rescue Cultures

Apr 03, 2012

Jesus can cleanse

The Lord wants in us a clean vessel (people who live in holiness) that can be used for His glory. So let us meditate for a moment on the following passage in  Luke19:45 "And going into the temple, began to cast out all them that sold and bought |mais
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Jesus can cleanse

Dec 01, 2011


  Much peace have they which love thy law ... - Psalm 119:165 The Bible is unlike any other book you ever read. It is an inert text book to be memorized or studied as a volume of Sciences. It's not just a collection of information as an |mais
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Jul 06, 2011

Pursuing More of Jesus,

Every day presents a fresh opportunity to pursue a closer relationship with Jesus – and the more you have of Jesus in Your life, the better Your life will be. So don’t settle for just occasional encounters with Jesus in some parts of your life. |mais
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Pursuing More of Jesus,