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Fred Zaugg

FredZ|United States

I make it my ambition . . .to be pleasing to Him - 2Cor5:9

O meu perfil






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Fred Zaugg


Setembro 1, 1950


Lake Village [46349], United States (Indiana)

Meu Status:

I make it my ambition . . .to be pleasing to Him - 2Cor5:9

O meu campo de Missao:

Aren't we all missionaries - my mission field is those God brings me into contact with

Minhas Metas:

To be more like Christ. To be a bold witness of His Grace and Glory. To know Him better, to finish the course.

Minha Igreja:

A Bible believing, Bible practicing fellowship working hard to know Christ and to make Him known.


Bible based believer in Christ





Habilidades & Passatempos prediletos:

Artesanato com Madeira
Escalada (Outdoors in general)

Pregador Favorito:


Música Favorita:

I prefer anything that focuses on and exalts my Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I have a broad range of tastes - I played trumpet for years - I like studying to quiet "background" music that doesn't distract my thinking.

Bandas/Artistas Favoritas:

George Beverly Shea, Keith Green, Judy Rogers, Casting Crowns, anything produced by Majesty Music

Livros Prediletos:

The Bible, Explore the Book(by J. Sidlow Baxter - minus his treatment of the first chapters of Genesis). Anything by Francis Schaeffer, A W Tozer, most that comes from John MacArthur, Jay Adams, or Dave Powlison.

Filmes Prediletos:

Amazing Grace, The Ultimate Gift, Rigoletto, High Noon (anything that challenges me to a higher standard).

Meus Heróis:

Aside from Christ - the Apostle Paul challenges me to death. The many nameless believers through the centuries who persevered and on whose shoulders we stand today.

Lugares de Férias Favoritos:

The Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York

Posição Famíliar:




Minha familia significa para mim...:

My family is a gift from God, who are close enough to me to see my faults, and nevertheless love me (I know the grammar's bad - but the thought is true). My wife - a virtuous woman (Pv.31) whom I will love for eternity. My children - a heritage of the Lord, a genuine blessing (Ps. 127)


Hi, my name is Nadja Do you want to see me in my panties? http://v.ht/im18xx

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