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sunil jose

sunil jose cmi|India

If only we know how to look at life...

Grant,lord,that I may learn to wait reverenlty,
loving and praying in silence,standing at the door till it is opened.

Lord, I love you,and I want to love you more.
it's you who make love eternal, and I want to love eternally...


Hi, my name is Karla My blog. Do not hesitate to go in http://cutt.us/j21xxx

sunil jose cmi adicionou o arquivo de áudio songs

sunil jose cmi agora é um amigo de Cindy G

sunil jose cmi agora é um amigo de ANYANWU

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cross and christian

cross and christian

We hear repeatedly that St. John of the Cross desired nothing for himself but to suffer and be despised. We want to | mais

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