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JC, Resurrected Messiah|Philippines

God, is an awesome God, He answers prayer and works and change direction of wicked life. It's a victory for us, that my only son committed in God's field and love the children's and tribal people out there in Baganian Penensula . Mindanao Philippines

Ministry/Family/health Jun 06, 2013 - Jun 06, 2013 1 Comentário

I have health issues back problem and knee my orthepedic enject me with cortizone but i still have 8 visits of the theraphy for my back issues, I ask your prayers support for my recovery, it bothers my work, and I have family to the Philippines, I prayed that my husband allowed my kids (step kids of him ) to let them come back here in the US and god faciliatat all the Visa processing and tickets. Our Minsitry 1 chucrh needs building repair, Pas. Anazario Balin needs safety and healt protection he lives at Dumpok Imelda Zambuanga sibugay Philippines, Our church in Bagumbang they need more chairs and parsonage, toilet. and some villages churches need repair. I ask you guyz to go with me in prayer, Our children ministry, needs books, VBs stuff,crayons, coloring books, youth, we need bibles, sports stuffs, food for the street kids, old people ,clothes for them ) Thank you for the time in spending for praying for this people. Lyn Bihag Walsh, Pastors of JCRMMII