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To remain Evangelical, we must make every effort to keep the Gospel we proclaim Biblical.

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Most Gracious and Merciful God and Father, thank you for allowing me to see again my cross.tv friends and prayer partners. It's been awhile since I dropped-by in this site for so many |mais

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"To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our Mission"

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"To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our Mission"


To all who greets me on my natal day, THANK YOU! and may our good Lord bless you and keep you.

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UCCF Thank you for your contact request. I would like to know something about who you are, your ministry, etc. Please send me a email to stevelampman@comcast.net


An interesting comment Gina. If you mean "keeping the gospel we proclaim Biblical" that God is completely sovereign in everything and that man, before regeneration is depraved and lost I would like to ad you a contact. Please let me know your stand on those two issues. Steve

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To all my friends & contacts on cross .tv. Jesus loves you & so do I.

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