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family for the kingdom|Kenya

This is a ministry for the orphans widows and disable person this is the burden God gave us,a part of that we reach the un reach with good news open air meeting.You can stand with us, email us fredafwande@yahoo.com.Thanks.

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We begun new year,be dressed ready for the service and keep your lamp burning like men waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can |mais

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we are outreach ministry focus on the vision God has put in our lives,us we moves to  nations of the world with the Good new setting people free in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ by grace.  We support ophans,please you can be part of this ministry by your prayer and support.Your life will not be the same again.Email us at fredafwande@yahoo.com  Happy to hear from you remain blessed.

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i want to thank God for this ministry.

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family for the kingdom

i am strongly believed that God will confirm his promises this year. .

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Thank you for visisting this site,please i would like to know you more,and what you are marketing.Where you are based?Ok God blessed.

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