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Wholesome Words Mission International Inc|Nigeria

Wholesome Words Mission International is registered as a national Para-church organization. It exists to provide a common forum for churches, schools, ministers and Christian organizations. We are Bible Based, Christ Centered and People Oriented.

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We the Grace Missionary Chapel International hereinafter called “the commission” with the main objective of propagating the gospel of Jesus worldwide.


In compliance with the biblical mandatory injunction to go into all the world and make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ,


Convinced that such disciples, must be properly tutored and brought up in the Word of God.


Recognizing that the constitution regulates the operation of the church is not only a legal requirement for registration of the church but also one of the many ways to build a stable church structure, do hereby enact this constitution for the purposes of our work.




1.1         The name of this body shall be “Grace Missionary Chapel International”.


1.2         The Grace Missionary Chapel International shall set up churches everywhere thereby constituting a worldwide network of churches in different places. It shall have a cooperate office in Nigeria.


1.3         The registered address of the corporate office of the Grace Missionary Chapel International shall be Grace Missionary Chapel International, P.O.Box 798,Calabar, CRS Nigeria




2.1     the Grace Missionary Chapel International shall provide a Ministry of the word of God through the planting of churches, the organization of para-church ministries and institutions in order to reach any person irrespective of race, colour and nationality.


2.2     The commission shall propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all parts of the world through any means such as church services, crusades, breakfast meetings, prayer meetings, radio and television, internet outreaches, witnessing campaigns or any other means that are appropriate, so long as they are not contrary to the laws of the land.


2.3     The primary purpose of this body shall be to promulgate the gospel of Jesus Christ by all scriptural means and to develop educational work in so far seems necessary for the proper growth and efficiency of the commission.


2.4     Other secondary roles of the church such as providing health, education, poverty alleviation, and relief services, shall be practiced and encouraged as long as they shall not adversely affect or contradict the primary role of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


2.5     This body shall have the right to own, hold in trust, use, sell, convey, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of such property, real or chattel, as ,ay be needed for the prosecution of its work.


2.6     GMC is in relationship with all evangelical, holiness and Pentecostal churches worldwide. Provided these ministries hold tenets of faith. We believe in the “Body of Christ” and not in denominations. We do not allow denominational barriers to break the “Body Unity” prescribed by our Lord and Master, The Chief Sherphered Jesus Christ.


2.7     GMC is currently working in relationship with the following ministries. Wholesome Words Mission International WWOMI – this the mother ministry mothering GMC and other ministries founded by the Senior Pastor, Prophet Ezekiel Edumoh. The headquarters is in Calabar, Nigeria.

          Grace Bible Institute & Seminary (GBIS)- this is a sister ministry to GMC all working together for same purpose of spreading the gospel and making disciples worldwide. The school is situated in Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria. GBIS is the official place for training of GMC Ministers and workers.

          International Institute for Prophetic Leadership & Evangelism IIPLE This is a professional school for training the prophets and all those called into the Prophetic Ministry. It was inaugurated in 2006 by Evangelist Dr. Emma Gospel Isong.

          Phoenix Alive Christian Ministries PACM – Phoenix Alive Christian Ministries is founded by Bishop Rebecca Michael the GMC bishop in Canada. The Senior Pastor of GMC was appointed a Director of the Ministry in 2006 and was commissioned to start the Nigerian Chapter of PACM. GMC is in a working relationship with PACM for as long as our vision continues to be compatible and our relationship to Christ continues to be cordial.

          International Victory Bible Institute IVBI – International Victory Bible Institute IVBI is located in Tulsa Oklahoma and GBIS has an affiliate status with them.




3.1     The Grace Missionary Chapel International requires that all members must be born-again Christians, who publicly and openly profess to have consciously and willingly accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.



          We believe there is one living and true God; everlasting, of infinite power, wisdom and goodness; the Maker and Preserver of all things, visible and invisible,; that in the unity of the Godhead there are three persons, of one substance, power and eternity the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost.


3.3     GOD THE SON

          We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, the Second Person of the trinity Godhead; that He was eternally one with the Father, that He was conceived by the Holy Ghost, was born of the Virgin Mary and incarnate, so that two whole and perfect natures – Godhead and manhood -- were united in one person, very God and very man, the God-man.


          We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, and not only for transgression, but also for original sins that He might reconcile us to God. He arose from the dead, took again His body, and ascended into heaven and is there engaged in intercession for us (Luke 1:27-35; John 1:14; Acts 4:12; Rom 5:3; Heb 7:25).



          We believe in the holy Ghost, the third person of the Triune Godhead, that He proceeds from the father and the son as the true and eternal God, of one substance, majesty and glory with the father and the son (Matt. 28:19; Acts 5:3-4; Rom 8:9-11). He is ever present and active in and with the church of Christ, convincing the world of sin, regenerating those who repents and believe, sanctifying the believers and guiding into all truths as it is in Jesus (John 3:5-9;16:6,13; Acts 15:8-9).



          We believe the sixty-six canonical books of the Old and New Testament were given by divine inspiration (II Timothy 3:16), and are the word of God. We believe the Holy Scripture in-errantly reviews the will of God concerning all things necessary to our salvation, so that whatever is not contained therein nor may be proved thereby is not to be accepted as an article of faith. We believe in the plenary-dynamic inspiration of the scriptures whereby the original autographs were full inerrant, and that the bible is so uniquely inspired that it is the only infallible, sufficient, and authoritative rule of faith and practice (II Peter 1:20-21).



          We believe on original sin, or depravity, is the corruption of all Adam’s descendants whereby all are very far from Adam original righteousness, or the pure state of our first parents at the time of there creation. It is averse to God without spiritual live, and inclined to evil and that continually (Gen 6:5; Rom 3:12; 5:12-18; I Cor 15:22). In the scriptures it is spoken of as the carnal mind, the old man and the flesh (Rom 6:6; 7:7; 8:5-8). We further believe original sin continues to exist after regeneration, though suppressed, until crucified and destroyed by the baptism of the holy Ghost (Acts 15:8-9; Rom 6:6; Gal 2:20; I John 3:8).



          We believe Jesus Christ by His sufferings (Acts 3:18), by the shading of His own Blood (Rom 5:8-10; Heb 9:12)and by His meritorious death on the cross (Eph 2:13-16), made full atonement (Rom 5:11) for all sin, and that this atonement is the only ground of salvation (Acts 4:12; Eph 1:7), it been sufficient for every individual of Adams race (John 3:16; 2:2). The atonement is graciously effectual for the salvation of the irresponsible, the righteous who have become irresponsible (Rom 4:15) and children in innocence (Mark 10:14) but is effectual for the salvation of those who reach the age of responsibility only when there repent and believe (Luke 24:47; Acts 16:30-31; 17:30).


3.8     FREE WILL

          We believe man was created with ability to choose between right and wrong and thus was made morally responsible.  The condition of man since fall is such that he cannot prepare himself by his own natural strength and works to faith and calling upon God.  But the grace of God through Jesus Christ is freely given to all men, enabling all who will to turn from sin to righteousness, believe in Jesus Christ for pardon and cleansing from sin and follow good works pleasing and acceptable in His sight.  “Whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely” (John 4; 14, 15; Revelation 22:17).

          We further believe man, though in possession of the experience of regeneration and entire sanctification, may fall from grace and backslide and unless eh repents of his sin, be hopelessly and eternally lost (I Corinthians 10:12).


3.10   FAITH

          We believe living faith is the gift of God, and without it, it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6), Faith becomes effective as it is exercised by man, with the aid of the Spirit – which aid is assured when the heart has met the divine condition (Hebrews 5:9).



          We believe genuine repentance toward God consists in knowledge of, godly sorrow for, and a voluntary confession and forsaking of sin.  This comes through the knowledge of the goodness and severity of God, through the medium of truth and the convincing power of the Holy Spirit.  It is demanded of all who have by act or purpose become sinners against God.  The Spirit of God gives to all who will repent the gracious help of penitence of heart, of hope of mercy, that they may believe unto pardon and spiritual life. (Matthew 3:2; Luke 13:5; John 16:7-11; Romans 3:23; 2 Corinthians 7:10).



          We believe Justification is the gracious and judicial act of God by which He grants full pardon of all guilt and complete release from the penalty of sins committed, and acceptance as righteous to all who believe on Jesus Christ and receive Him as Lord and Saviour (Romans 3:23; 5:1).


          We believe Regeneration, or the Hew Birth, is the gracious work of God whereby the moral nature of the repentant believer is spiritually quickened and given a distinctly spiritual life, capable of faith, love and obedience (2 Corinthians 5:17; I Peter 1:23).


          We believe Adoption is the gracious act of God by which the justified and regenerated believer is to constituted a child of God. We believe Justification, Regeneration and Adoption are simultaneous in the experience of seekers after God and are obtained upon the condition of faith in the merits of the blood of Jesus Christ, preceded by repentance; and that to this work and state of grace the Holy Spirit bears witness.



          We believe Entire Sanctification is the instantaneous act of God subsequent to regeneration by which believers are made free from original sin, or depravity, and brought into a life of purity and entire devotion to God.  It is accomplished by the baptism with the Holy Ghost and comprehends in one experience the cleansing of the heart from sin and the abiding, indwelling fullness of the Holy Ghost, empowering the believer for life and service.


          Entire Sanctification is provided through the blood of Jesus, as accomplished instantaneously by faith, and is preceded by entire consecration.  To this work of grace the Holy Spirit bears witness, and it is not attested to by any necessary signs and wonders (Romans 6:6,11, 13,22:12:1;15:15; Galatians 2:20; Hebrews 10:14-15; 13:12-13).


          This experience is also known by various terms representing its different phases, such as “Christian Perfection”. “Perfect Love” “Heart Purity” “The Baptism with the Holy Ghost” “The fullness of the Blessing” and “Christian Holiness”.



          We believe the witness of the Spirit is the inward impression on the soul, whereby the Spirit of God immediately and directly assures our spirit that Bible conditions are met for salvation and the work of grace is complete in the soul (Romans 8:16).  The Spirit bears witness to both the salvation of the sinner and the sanctification of the believer (Hebrews 10:14-15; I John 5:10).



          We believe growth in grace is possible and necessary to maintain a right relationship with God, both before and after entire sanctification (Ephesians 4:15-16; 2 Peter 3:18).



          We believe the gifts of the Spirit are given to all believers by the sovereign will of the Holy Spirit so that every believer has at least one gift.  All Spiritual gifts are given for the profit of the whole Church, and the variety of gifts is for the purpose of unifying the Church (I Corinthians 12:11, 14, 27).


          We believe in the Bible gift tongues.  We believe the gift of tongues, or languages, as described in the book of Acts, is the supernatural ability to speak the native language of another human without the speaker having previously known the language (Acts 2:8).


          We believe the marks and measures of spiritual life are to be found not in the possession of one or more of the gifts of the Spirit, but rather in the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).  The saints of God are known as such by their fruit (Mathew 7:16, 20). Using the presence or absence of gifts to judge a person’s spirituality is an abuse of their meaning (I Corinthians 13:1-13).



          We believe the Lord Jesus Christ will come again.  We believe His coming will be literal and bodily and that we who are alive at His coming shall not precede them that are asleep in Jesus Christ, but that, if we are abiding in Him.  We shall be caught up with the risen saints to meet the Lord in the air, so that we shall ever be with the Lord.  The great hope of the world is the Second Coming of Jesus (Acts 15:13-17; Titus 2:13).




          We believe our Lord Jesus Christ in His literal resurrection from dead is the living guarantee of the resurrection of all human beings, believing saved to conscious eternal joy, and the unbelieving lost to conscious eternal punishment.  We believe the bodies both of the just and the unjust shall be raised to live and unite with their spirits, (John 5:20; I Corinthians 15:52; II Corinthians 5:10:1; I Thessalonians 4:15-16; Philippians 3:21).


          We believe in future judgment in which every man shall appear before God to be judged according to his deeds in this life.  Glorious and everlasting life is assured to all who believe in and obediently follow Jesus Christ our Lord.  The finally impenitent shall suffer eternally in hell (Mathew 5:29; 10:28; 25:41; Luke 16:23; John 6:38).


3.19   BAPTISM

          We believe Christian’s baptism is a sacrament signifying acceptance of the benefits of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  It is to be administered by immersion to believers and is declarative of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and their full purpose to obey God in holiness and righteousness.



          We believe the memorial and Communion Supper instituted by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is a Hew Testament sacrament, declaring His sacrament, declaring His sacrificial death, through the merits of which believers have life and salvation and promise of all spiritual blessings in Christ.  It is for those who are born again and prepared for reverent appreciation of its significance.  By it they show forth the Lord’s death till He comes again, Being the communion fest, only those who are truly born again, and have Faith in Christ and love for the saints should be called to participate therein) Mathew 26:26-29; Luke 22:19-20; I Corinthians 11:23-29).



          We recognize the first day of the week as the Christian Sabbath. It was the custom of the New Testament churches to meet for worship on the first day of the week. It was also selected and held sacred because the Lord Himself was resurrected on that day (Matthew 28:1; Mark 16:2; Luke 24:1 John 20:1 I Corinthians 16:2).



          We believe in the bible doctrine of divine healing and urge our people to seek to offer the prayer of faith for the healing of the sick. The blood of Jesus Christ through which all men may be eternally saved is the same blood through which we may physically healed (Isaiah 53:4-5; Matthew 8:17; I Peter 2:24). We also believe that medical means, when deemed necessary, should not be refused (Matthew 10:8; Luke 9:2; James 5:16).



          We believe that through the death of Christ on the cross the power and claims of Satan over men were effectively broken (Luke 10:18; Ephesians 2:16; Colossians 2:15). Jesus Christ has imparted to His church the same power and authority which he wielded against Satan and his demons during His earthly ministry (Matthew 10:1; 28:18; mark 1:27; 3:15; 6:7; Luke 4:36; 9:1; 10:19). It is therefore the privilege and responsibility of believers to avail themselves of this power for deliverance of those who have fallen under the control and oppression of Satan and his demons.



          We believe that the church is the body of Christ, that all who are united by faith to Christ are members of the church, and that, having thus become members one of another, it is our solemn and covenant duty to fellowship with one another in peace, and to love one another with pure and fervent hearts.



          We believe the supreme task of the church of the evangelization of the world in this generation.  Jesus Christ left clear instructions for His followers to make eh preaching of the Gospel a primary pursuit (Mathew 10:7, 277 24114; Mark 6:12:15; Luke 24:47). It is therefore our responsibility to make disciples among all the peoples of he world (Mathew 28:19).


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