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bridget ewata


Without God in my life, i am nothing.....So, i will rather sink with God than to shine without Him.

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LORD I come to you this year that bears your perfect number twelve (2012) which you used to call your disciples (Matthew 10:1; 20:17 and Luke 6:13; 9:1) and will like to use this number |mais

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Feb 27, 2009

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When Jesus looks upon your life, what picture does He see? Does He see His own reflection, or does He just see you.

Does He see His likeness, the product of His hands or just another Christian, who never took a stand?

Does He see a child of God, a child that He set free, living life to honour Him, or does He just see you?

What about those you meet daily along your life's pathway? Do you show them Jesus, to brighten up their day?

When someone looks into your eyes, can they truly see that calm and gentle peace of God that dwells inside of you or do they see anxiety/worry?

When other people think of you, what is on their minds? Do they think of Jesus Christ, so gentle and so kind?

Oh, we should try to be like Jesus every single day spreading love and kindness, along our way so that others would see Him in us and turn their back on hell.
No matter your failures in the past concerning your lifestyle, you can start today to make your life a living epistle! Let those you meet desire to taste the Jesus in you! They should begin to ask you what is it they must do to be saved


O Lord, empower my tongue, my thoughts and my actions to reflect Jesus and Him alone. IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.