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Retired Officer from Government of India & Editor of " Journalism Today" and Mukta Baktabya.

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Pope Benedict forgot the ethics of Jesus- Pope Michael uphold faith

Nov 16, 2010

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                              Bhubaneswar(Orissa)India: 13/11/2010: There are many religions all over the globe out of which Christianity is one of them, and all the Christians feels that with out Jesus they can get love from the heavenly father, and hence believe that through Jesus they can go heaven. Different saints have given their different thoughts in the holy Bible, and one can assess it from the old and new testaments of the sacred holy book of the holy Bible. In the name of religion, Mr. Joseph rat zinger, a man from Germany was elected as the Pope of Vatican city, and named as Pope Benedict-XVII, who is considered as the head of the religion of Christian community. As Mr. Joseph rat zinger was interested for that higher position, his immediate boss helped him to occupy the post of Pope through Papacy election at Vatican City. Most of the true Christian people of different countries speak that Joseph Rat zinger do not give importance on Mother Mary, and hate catholic faith. Joseph rat zinger (Pope Benedict-XVII) also always tries to dominate women society of the world, and he has never tried to unite the protestant and catholic group under one banner which is against the ethics and preaching of Lord Jesus Christ, whose concept was oneness of god/almighty, whether male or female. Mr. Joseph rat zinger has never given any proposal or suggestion in favor of women for their equality with men in the society. Even, Mr. Joseph and his predecessors have never tried to bring a woman to the position of Pope from the Catholic faith women, who are the true followers of Jesus and respect mother Mary and also more brilliant in respect of the thought and concept of Jesus & Mary. Hence, it is clear from the above points that Mr. Joseph rat zinger is anti-Christ and
anti-women, and only interested for powers and positions and to lead a luxurious life. He does not know the importance and role of women in this human society. There are many talented women in the catholic faith, well versed with the old and new testaments of the holy bible, and fully competent to spread the catholic faith all over the world for the betterment of human society.


Another religious leader Mr. David Bawden from USA was also elected as Pope Michael for the only holy Catholic Church, and now he is the Pope of Vatican city in exile. It means that Joseph has never tried to contact Mr. Bawden for their religious feelings between catholic and protestant group. What is catholic and what is protestant? While discussing the matter with different Bishops of different churches and evangelists of different missionaries & Ministries of the Christ society over telephonic talks, it was informed that the protestant group does not give importance on mother Mary, and hence it is clear that ignoring the mother Mary means ignoring the earth. While discussing with Pope Michael of the holy catholic church of USA, I feel that he is a true Pope and always wants better for the human society, and also at present creating awareness in this regard. Mr. David Bawden (Pope Michael-I) loves her mother very much and society oriented. Where there is no love for mother, we can not call them as religious people, as both mothers & fathers are whole and sole of the human growth. To eradicate unemployment, to create awareness about the truth, Mr. David Bawden(Pope Michael-I) has already dedicated his live for the betterment of human society, where as Mr. Joseph Rat zinger is passing his time luxuriously in his Vatican estate ignoring the important of mothers. So how can we tell Mr. Joseph Rat zinger as a true Pope? Is he a man of truth like Pope Michael of USA?

Now it is also a matter that due to economy globalization one can do any kind of trade or business all over the globe in accordance to the policies framed in this regard. Lord Jesus Christ also believed oneness of god, and hence globalization is also some percentage of achievement of the thought of Lord Jesus & Mother Mary. But in spite of it, there is lot of differences between human societies in various issues. Equalization of the value of currencies into a single monetary unit is also comes under the purview of globalization. An American dollar is less than the price of pounds sterling. Why such differences? Is it not against the ethics of globalization? A $ dollar is around Rs. 50/ in Indian currencies. Why such differences of values? What is the role of Pope Benedict in this regard? Has he written to UN & all other countries in this regard for equalization of the value of all the currencies? It means Mr. Joseph Rat zinger is a self centered man and interested for power and positions in the name of Pope, through his concept and thoughts are anti-human. Was Lord Jesus passing his luxurious time like Pope Benedict-XVII during his period? He was crucified due to the sin of us, and how a man having vested interest on power and positions will become Pope Benedict-XVII. So it is clear that Pope Benedict- XVII is not the true Pope of the Christian community and those people who accepts Pope Benedict as true Pope are also anti-Christ. Time was there, when all the countries were being governed by the religious leaders of different religions, and now, we have forgotten about the ethics of religion, and the greedy and power hankering people are holding the positions for their vested interest, not for the interest of human society, except few, those who are deprived to show their talents for the sake of human society. In spite of availability of natural and human resources, millions and billions of people are fighting with hunger and unemployment and the religious leaders are forgetting it and creating division in the society. Was it the preaching of Lord Jesus Christ? Mother bear a child for ten months in her womb, gave birth the child, fed her breast milk to the child at the initial stage, and hence only women religious leaders can understand the society and their role in the society. So mother Mary should be given importance like Lord Jesus Christ, and for the better interest of the human society, Pope Benedict-XVII of Vatican estate/city should keep liaison with the Pope Michael of USA to expand the catholic faith all over the globe. Pope Benedict should know that within the available resources, eradication of poverty is quite possible, subject to proper planning and its proper implementation. If they fail to know the problems of human society,wrong full plannings of different government causing poverty and terrors, then what is the value of being the top most religious leaders. Many christians of different countries are fighting with hunger, every where there are unemployment and terrors. Christian employees of different missionaries,schools and hospital are getting very low wages and unable to maintain there families. There are no social securities for pastors. They are getting very less amount also, when Pope Benedict is enjoying his life luxuriously. Is it the teaching of Lord Jesus Christ? Now is the time,we should find out the truth for the better sake of human society.