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Retired Officer from Government of India & Editor of " Journalism Today" and Mukta Baktabya.

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Who is responsible for the death of Mr.Rajiv Gandhi,late prime minister

Nov 02, 2010

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What was the reasons to kill Rajiv, the ex-prime minister of India? All the political leaders mighty have well aware about it. Before the death of Rajiv jee most of his nearer people, who were ministers and MPs, were also well aware about it, but now body take any initiative to advice him rightly, rather misguided him, causing loss of many many  human lives in Srilanka issue. And finally his life was also lost.

To set right the issue, a sensitive file might have dealt from his ministry, and the man who has misguided Rajiv in this sensitive issue should also be penalized. It is our first and foremost duty to look the condition of our people first and then think for others.