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Retired Officer from Government of India & Editor of " Journalism Today" and Mukta Baktabya.

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O my almighty god, I submitted herewith my charter of demands for world peace, O almighty god.. Pour and shower your holy blessings on all the leaders, Politicians,preacher and |mais

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Legalization of sexworkers in India: Example of Hemamalinee

Oct 23, 2010

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Out of 250 countries of the world,government of 100 countries approximately have legalized the sex workers of their countries, allowed them for open sex in brothels.Due to social stigmas,in rest of the countries, hiding sex is going on, and the sex workers are being exploited by the middle man,brokers, and most of the political leaders are involved in those rackets. This Recently supreme court of India has also given a decision stating that prior marriage, sex is also permissible with due consent. Indian Penal Code also prohibits any legal actions against the sex workers, if sexual intercourse is done with consent of the women/men.I have made a round to the place of Sonagachhi,Kolkata and interact with many sex workers,they deposed their pathetic conditions before me,stating that how they are exploited by the brokers,criminals and police. All the political leaders are playing there for their vote bank. In India near about 2 crores sex workers are available and in West Bengal it will be 25 lakhs and above. In every hotels and lodges sex is going on without any obstructions,and as higher richest  people are involved there, police fear to point out it. But ,police generally arrest the ordinary sex workers from standard hotels and lodges, took them to the custody,and they are released by bail and finally the sex workers won in the courts. Hence, government also waste cores of rupees in the disguise of manpower involvement and others. Restrictions on sex workers compel to the victims to commit crimes, and most of the cases women/men sex worker also commit suicide due to social stigmas.
Therefore, it is demanded to legalese the sex workers in India and issue them license so that they can able to do their sex freely with out the interference of police authorities.