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Единая Святая Соборная Апостольская Церковь|Russian Federation

One Holy Universal Apostolic Church / Truth has many enemies, but lies have a lot of defenders in the world separated by pride alone. (OHUAC) - the living source of all the curves to correct the path of peace sectarian isolation.

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Молись вместе с нами Всемирной Ежегодной Данииловой Молитвой здесь - http://apostolbaaz.blogspot.ru/2015/12/2015.html Pray |mais

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Annual world prayer through prophet Daniel and apo Nov 07, 2011 1 Comentário

Annual world prayer through prophet Daniel and apostle John Bogoslova about widows and orphans of the world. It is impossible to invent anything more than that Jesus Christ has given, and It has given here that, look for a joint prayer in joint affairs, the Gospel through the apostle to Onions Chapter 10: Article 2: Also has told it: it is a lot of harvest, and it is not enough makers; so, ask the Mister of a harvest that has sent makers for The harvest. (The apostle of Onions 10:2) For without affairs and a prayer turn out empty. Empty prayers it means that they - dead. According to the Scriptus the world prayer true to God Jesus Christ on prophet Daniel and apostle John begins since December, 18th and lasts till January, 31st annually at 12 o'clock on time of Greenwich. Here this prayer all of us should pray and all of us should do this prayer in real life if we really highly respect Jesus Christ sacred Victim. Details look here – http://apostolbaaz.boxmail.biz/cgi-bin/guide.pl?id_razdel=168542&action=article With Love to all brothers of the world of 21 centuries on Christmas of the Christ of God