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J.P.Yves Duranleau


Worry is like a rocking Chair... Worry is like a Rockingt Chair

You might be asking why in a world asking such question is all about?Everyone know what a Church is!!!CoolNot really like Name  brand trademarks like can products.It seems that the Church we promote is not''The people''but the building!!And you wonder why people are confused!!You might say ya,we know that already.Well let me ask you dear reader.Do you promote anything outside the Person of Christ?Like Your Church's beliefs?Activities?Creeds?I would point out that it is not YOURS it's Christ alone.Nothing less,nothing more and nothing else.There are not such things in heaven as denominational institutions or types of Christians!We belong to the One everything we have and enjoy has it's source in Christ.All this none sense cloths of the Pride within the Church will be stripped away.My Brothers and Sisters.Such boastings is not of God.But of the one that has sowed tares amidst the field of the Lord.Paul warn of such divisions, it is signs of the end times.If you want to know it's origins.Look into (I Kings 11;)The divided Kingdom of Solomon's days.Why?Idolatry!Who has brought about such?God.Should we go about try to bring everybody back under the One Christian umbrella?No!Reboam the son of Solomon tried by forced to which God discouraged him to do so. And could and would in the future God  unite them again.It is recorded in the book of Ezekiel.Could this be our present divisions?Yes indeed!Under the pretenses of God's Name and Rights  Man has done this.My beloved remember one solemn warnings I would be sounding.It is His Children(Church)His Word.And since there is One Sovereign.That the results of being submitted to the preeminence of the Lord Jesus means that, where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty.But when an individual or groups wants the control only belongs to the Spirit of God. The House and Household of God.There can't be peace and unity.I am asserting that sadly many a servants of Christ  and denominations are guilty of this.They used the Bible for there own advantages.That the pharisees,and evil people and displeasing peoples.They are the other testimony next doors.Are you doing this my brother,my Sister?You have no right.We know in part and we prophecy in part.That is we attest what we do Know.And the practice and reality in our lives just prove that the Lord is right. Dear Brother,Sister,Paul and any other servant of the New Testament,they where not a good old,Baptist,Pentecostal,Presbyterian,Brethren,or any name or titles you may attribute to them and your particular group you may belong to.A man is either Lost,or Saved!We are all at different levels in the Christian life.We perhaps and assuredly have lacks in our understanding of the Bible.And it is due to the limitations of denominations ideas.My beloved I would close my line of thoughts with any contending spirits there might arise in this instruction to any wise among you.''There is...One God,One Saviour,One Salvation,One Spirit.So if God is Not divided.The ball fall in our Camp.Are you?are we the cause of such?Then let us repent and bring fruits of the reality of a contrite spirit before our God and Father.J.P.

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What is the Name Of Your Church!!!

What is the Name Of Your Church!!!

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