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John  Callister

mediaman|United Kingdom

Former BBC Film Editor and Producer Director, now 'Filming Stories Worth Telling'. Broadcaser, film-maker and webmaster @ www.friendsinthewest.com - a website sharing stories of persecution and alerting the Christian Community particularly in the West.

In Transforming Nakasongola, the camera follows Rev Arthur Magezi as he makes the journey from Kampala to this remote area where, with his help, the community is making the transition from pagan and ancestral worship to Christianity. Rev Arthur's vision is to see this region transformed with clean water, medical facilities and a school as well as a house of worship for the many visitors who come to receive help from the only alternative to the witch doctor. It's my personal belief that the best way we can help in poorer nations like Africa, is to identify potential entrepreneurs and leaders in those countries and then come alongside them and help them to help their own people. To that end I came across Rev Arthur Magezi's story while browsing on the internet. I sent him an email and we began to communicate. A freelance cameraman colleague was visiting Kampala in Sept 09, and so I was able to arrange for him to meet and shoot an interview. Rev Arthur in turn was able to supply me with video footage from which I put together this video, Transforming Nakasongola, with a view to raising awareness and hopefully prayer and funding for his work. The next step is to find ways to get the word out and find distribution outlets, etc. or find teams willing to go there to help. An urgent need for Arthur is a Land Rover to make the four hour journey from his home in Kampala to this remote village.

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