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Punjabi Christian Fellowship|United States


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Evangelism in India and Pakistan

Oct 08, 2012

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Dear friends. Greetings in the Holy name of our Lord our God, Lord Jesus Christ. I am a missionary from India working for the people speaking Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages of the countries India, Pakistan, Fiji, Mauritius and a good number of other countries of Asia. My ministry is Punjabi Christian Fellowship.

Please view my profile on the following pages and see the spread of my mission in Pakistan and India where otherwise evangelism is very difficult because of extreme persecution of Christians in those countries.

I am working independently and for non availability of financial resources, my ministry is at the verge of collapse.

To reach the unreached communities such as Untouchables, Sikhs and Muslim communities of the world, I humbly request the Evangelical Ministries to be partner, sponsor my mission, contribute or donate for the wonderful work of the Lord that I have done but without your help it will surely collapse.

My ministry Punjabi Christian Fellowship is a nonprofit organization registered in California USA.

Kindly visit my Website and give your financial help through Paypal account pressing the button for the same on right side of the website.

Please pray for my ministry and support it generously.

Rev Dr Jasjit Singh

Ministry:  Punjabi Christian Fellowship

Website: www.punjabichristianfellowship. org

Email: revjasjit@gmail.com Cell: 916 585 6069

Status: Permanent Resident in USA


My Profile


1971  B. A (Punjabi)                                       Punjabi University, India

1974    B.A (Arts)                                                     Punjabi University, India

1976  M. A (Economics)                                          Punjabi University India

1976    I. A. S (highest civil service of India)            Government of India. I was appointed by the President of India as 1st Class Officer in 1977.

Bible Courses and Trainings:

2000 Certificate of Pastorship/ Ordination                           Rhema Church of India, 18 Defense Enclave New Delhi, on completion of three years Pastor Course, ordained me as a Pastor on December 31st 2000

2001 Affiliation to my church                           IICM the National Institute Dallas Texas USA granted affiliation to my Church "Reformed Church of India" on Feb 172001, when I was its Chairman.

2003  Certificate of Pastorship/ Ordination                         Home Fellowship of Wales Distance learning & Training & Christian Ministries, Including Aberystwith Bible School Est 1995, on completion of three years Correspondence Course, Rev Dr Adrian Thompson-Davies (Founder and Principal Tutor) ordained me as "Reverend Jasjit Singh) on 12th June 2003 

2003    Doctor of Divinity (Hony)                                     IICM Dallas Texas USA awarded me Doctor of Divinity (Hony) on my works among unreached communities of India and also awarded me life membership on June 14th 2006 in a convocation held in Chennai (India)

2009 Basic Training Church Planters               Southern Baptist Church California USA issued a certificate on completion of Course on Church Planting.   



I am Multi-lingual. I read write and speak English, Hindi and Punjabi fluently.  I do speak Urdu but cannot read and write.  

This way I do cover the countries for Evangelism such as India, Pakistan, Fiji, Nepal and a few other countries in Asia.


My Background


I was born in Sikh family and my father was very God fearing man. He devoted most of his time in reading Sikh Scripture called Sri Guru Granth Saheb. Under the influence of his being religious person, I too studied Sikh scripture very deeply and had my graduation in Punjabi language called “Giani”. Basically it is the study of Sikh Scripture.


It helped me to create a bridge between Sikhism and Christianity rather an attempt to establish that Sikhism has its roots in the seed of Christianity sown by Apostle Thomas in the first Century.

In nutshell the Sikhism believes that:

  1. There is only one God whose name is Truth. He is the Creator God, fearless and free from enmity, He is Eternal, and free from birth and death, Sovereign God and His free gift of salvation is through Guru.
  2. Soul of the believer is the Bride and He is the Bridegroom.
  3. The Angel of Israel is the Creator, the Lord of Judgment, the Forgiver of sins. He puts the sinners in the fire of hell.
  4. God gave the Son who took away the infirmities of the fallen human race.
  5. Man is created in the image of God.

Basically this is the belief of Christianity. It looks that at the later stage the Sikhs slipped away from the core belief and took a new shape. Its roots in Christianity cannot be denied.


Turning to Christ Jesus: In 1992, I experience a life changing event when my daughter lost her eye sight in her right eye after an accident. When the medical science had failed to restore her vision, I was blessed to come to know Pastor Rajan Thomas. I had known him in the neighborhood where we lived in Delhi but did not know that he was a Pastor of God. Pastor Thomas appeared at my door one evening and offered to pray for my daughter. My daughter’s eye sight was restored to normal in a period of six months time. The blessings brought me and my family to accept Jesus as the Savior. I was touched by Holy Ghost and prayed with Pastor Rajan Thomas for a few years while in India.


From that time I started Pentecostal Churches. I was baptized by the Pastor in the name of Father Son and the Holy Spirit (Mathew 28:19). Thereafter I received a calling from God perusing my Theological studies. I authored my first book “Supreme Bliss) linking Sikh Scripture with Christianity. My other book (Under Publication) is “Ravidas Darshan” on the same subject. My vision is to create a bridge between these two identical faiths.


I received my initial formal Biblical Education from Rhema Church of India after completing three years theological course and received ‘Ordination as Pastor’ in December 2000.


I joined a three years online Pastor Course program with Fellowship of Wales, United Kingdom and received ‘Ordination as Reverend’ and Church Pastor in June 2003.


Over the following years my ministry work took me throughout India and as a result of my dedicated services and evangelism, the International Institution of Church Management (IICM) in USA honored me with honorary degree of ‘Doctor of Divinity’ as a life time member of the institution in June 2006. I became affiliated with various ministries of the world.


Immigration to USA: It brought the attention of ‘Christian Ministries Network’ (CIMN) who extended an invitation to me to attend 3 days Apostolic Prophetic Training set to end on 21st September 2007 at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida the home for CIMN. I arrived in Los Angeles, California using an R1 Visa issued by the American Embassy in New Delhi on September 8 on 2007. On my arrival my I-94 document was issued as a B2 Visa for only six months.


Not knowing US immigration laws I did not notice this mistake until. From Los Angeles I went to Fresno California and stayed with former co-worker of mine and also visited my sister in Selma California before going on to Florida to attend the training. After the training I returned to Fresno and it was at that time that the man named Harry Gill, a well known Indian in Fresno community took me to see Congressman Mr. Jim Costa about ‘why my stay was listed as visitor’s stay not as R-1 Visa holder. Mr. Costa’s aid Kelly Gill, the Director of Constitutional Services for the Congressman arranged an appointment for me at the San Francisco Immigration Offices where my stay was extended for 3 years and my R 1 Visa status restored.


Ministry in Fresno: Initially I found a home volunteering with Seventh Day Adventist Church in Caruthers, California. There I aided the Church in growth of Indian Ministry. I assumed Pastoral Duties over the Church and led worship services. My dedicated evangelism among Indian Community created two baptisms in the SDA Church. It was an opening of the Church for Punjabi Communities in Caruthers. I created and distributed Punjabi Christian literature in the community with the goal of expanding the church. I even preached in the Sikh Temples on the way of Jesus Christ. My efforts in Seventh Day Adventist ended in December 2008.


Thereafter beginning in Jan 2009 I was a volunteer outreach minister with the Cornelia Avenue Southern Baptist Church in Fresno California. My services to the Baptist Church were also in outreach, evangelism, distribution of literature, prayer leader and minister to the Church membership among the Indian Community. While being with Southern Baptist Church, I began my work of publishing Punjabi and Hindi language sermons on the internet. 


My sermons in Punjabi and Hindi on the internet gave me a wide publicity among the Christian Community as no one had created that quality material for evangelism among the people speaking Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages reaching the people of India, Pakistan, Fiji and a few other countries in the Asia Continent.


Some people who came across my sermons contacted Pastor Young and Bishop Wilson at the Rock Church Sacramento about my unmatched sermons in Punjabi and Hindi languages.


Invitation to Rock Church: Mr. Nathanial J Wilson Bishop of Rock Church sent me an email asking for an appointment with me. Our meeting was fixed in February 2010.


Duties assigned to me by Rock Church: On my arrival in the Rock Church I was given nine books of Pastor Courses of Hope International University for Translation in Punjabi language. It took about two years for me to do this huge translation work reading from English text and writing in Punjabi text by hand.


Accomplishment of the job: After translation work I created on line videos of my Pastor Courses lectures in Punjabi language to make it convenient for the students to learn the courses at their own. My videos are recorded in the studio of Rock Church are available on Youtube, Godtube, Facebook and on my website www.punjabichristianfellowship.org.


Schools in Pakistan and India: I opened online free Pastor Courses in Faislabad, Toba Tek Singh, Lahore, Gujranwala, Khanewal in Pakistan and in Chandigarh, Amritsar and Hyderabad in India.  I spent most of my night time (Night here is the day in Pakistan and India) in teaching the classes on Skype from Rock Church studio.


There are more than 200 students who take the online classes with me. My online evangelism in Pakistan wondered the world as following churches switched over to new ministry "Punjabi Christian Fellowship"


  1. Ambassador’s of God Church Faislabad Pakistan with 250 members.
  2. People of God’s Church Madina Dist Faislabad Pakistan with 450 members.
  3. Sadhu Sunder Singh Memorial Church Jallo Park Lahore Pakistan with 300 members.
  4. Evangelist Shabnam Heizakiel with 169 members in Toba Tek Singh

The above churches gave 1270 fresh baptism in the name of Jesus to new believers also. In the month of July Pastor Pervaiz in Lahore gave 45 baptisms in Central Jail Lahore Pakistan. Pakistan where there is extreme danger for the preachers of Christ, Lord used me as a potent tool for reaching the unreached people.


Apart from it I started Primary School in Gujranwala town for the children below the poverty line with 150 students.


Local Church: In the local church my Ministry works among the communities of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Fiji brought about 20 new baptisms in the last two years. The Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship and the Rock church have appreciated my commendable works in India and Pakistan but denied my wages for the good works. They reduced me to be a bonded labor which has no place in the faith of Jesus Christ.



My first Book   “Supreme Bliss” Published in year 1998


My Second book: I am working on my second book "Ravidas Darshan" to establish that the Sikhism is the off shoot of Christianity. This is virtually my research work which no one has come forward to reveal this truth to the world. This document will make a big "Exodus" from Sikh Community. I need sponsorship for this big job and also prayers.


Pastor Courses Books: I have translated nine books of Pastor Course syllabus of Hope International University from English to Punjabi language.


Published Articles on gospels: He Commanded, Sadhu Sunder Singh, Legacy of Ambedker, Jesus for, Untouchables, Jesus touched India 0052, Ramayana he story of Jesus, Karmas, Reincarnation and Moksha Divine Healing, Dreams of Truth


Published Tracts in Punjabi: Yeshu Di Bharat Wich Virasat, Sadhu Sunder Singh ‘Life and Mission’ Mirtu ate usde rahasya


I am online teacher for the students of our pastor courses in India, Pakistan and a few other countries.


I am online preacher in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages and my sermons are very popular among Asian communities.



My Videos/ Books/ Audios in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages


1. On my website: www.punjabichristianfellowship. org

(a) Videos: 85 Videos that includes 13 Videos on the book of Soteriology, 9 videos on Pneumotology, 1 Video on Eschatology, 33 Videos on Relationship between Christianity and  Sikhism as described in Bible and Sikh Scripture, 1 video on the life and mission of Sadhu Sunder Singh the great Missionary of India, 3 Videos on General message of Holy Bible. There are a few videos on general Sermons on Holy Bible.


(b) Pastor Courses syllabus 9 Books in Punjabi language:  I have myself translated all nine books of Pastor Courses of Hope International University of United States of America from English into Punjabi. Books of Soteriology and Pneumatology are already available on the website with free reading and download facilities for the Pastor Courses. My other 7 books are under review and likely to be posted soon on the website. I want to produce all nine books of Pastor Courses in text, Videos and Audio shape so that more and more Pastors are created from the unreached communities of India and Pakistan.


(c) My Mission: I understand, we have not created good qualified Pastors among the Untouchable, Muslim and Sikh communities so I work hard to create good Pastors from these communities to preach among their own people so that the Command of the Lord of Great Commission could be accomplished.


God has given me a big success as I have opened online on line schools in Faislabad (2), Toba Tek Singh (1), Gujranwala (1), Lahore (2), Khanewal (1) in Pakistan and Chandigarh (1), Saharnpur (1) in India. In last two years Pastors working with me in India and Pakistan have successfully given more than 1000 baptisms. We have given 45 Baptisms to the Prisoners in Central Jail in Lahore Pakistan.


(Photo gallery) Please visit our Photo galleries and see a few thousands of students, school children, baptisms etc in the prominent cities of Pakistan and India.


2. on my Website http://www.myvideowebshow.com/show/punjabichristianfellowship

The said website is focused on Sikh Community. As on the banner you can see me and my father wearing turbans to attract the Sikh Community. There are about a dozen videos relating Sikhism with Christianity. Basically I use this site for creation of the new videos.


3. Punjabi Christian Fellowship in Pakistan website http://www.cross.tv/profile/293688


This is very popular website, visited by 218000 visitors in last two years. The website has 14 Videos relating Muslim and Sikh Communities with Christianity.  On this website, you may listen my audios particularly prepared for my Radio Sermons in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages.


A few Radio stations like Kalame Khuda in Pakistan and a few other local Christian radio stations are relaying my audios in their regular programs. In India also some Christian Radios are relaying my audios in their regular programs.


There is good number of blogs for the purpose of Evangelism among these unreached people.


When you visit my Photo gallery you may view the pictures of my schools in Pakistan and also a few students of poverty ridden communities taking education.


4. Youtube: Website http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhee

I have created 78 Videos in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages on this website for reaching the unreached people of Sikh, Muslim, and Untouchable Communities. In India and Pakistan some preachers are using my videos as a tool for reaching the unreached people of Pakistan and India.


5. Godtube http://www.godtube.com/user/jasjiet/media.html

On Godtube, I have created 54 Videos for the purpose of reaching the unreached communities such as Untouchables, Sikhs and Hindus.


 All my videos can be watched on my facebook "Masihi Satsang" also