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Greetings on Baba Saheb's Birthday

Oct 09, 2010

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Legacy of Ambedker

Educate, Organize and Agitate


Dr Ambedker passed away on 6th Dec1956, giving the sufferers a message of victory like St Paul “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”. Timothy 4:7.

His fight against the monster of caste system was unparallel in the history since creation. We read in the Holy Bible, how God planned the liberation of Israelis from the bondage of Egypt, using His servant Moses for the noble cause. Similarly He used Ambedker to liberate the untouchables of India from the shackles of satanic religions. In case of Israelites there was no religious sanction for their oppression where as Hindus are equipped with religious sanction through their scriptures. There is similarity in the two happenings that God liberated Israelites from the bondage of Egypt but they still loved servitude like the untouchables who still love the oppression under Hinduism.

Ambedker himself had tasted the bitterness of being untouchable so he fought against the system of castes. He dedicated his total life for the cause of oppressed classes of India. Lastly he concluded,

 “To reform the Hindu society is neither our aim nor our field of action. Our aim is to gain freedom. We have nothing to do with anything else. If we can gain our freedom by conversion, why should we shoulder the responsibility of reforming the Hindu religion? And why should we sacrifice our strength.

 The object of our movement is to achieve social freedom for the untouchables. It is equally true that freedom cannot be secured without conversion”.

His writings: We can classify his writings in three categories such as

(a) For political Activists. “What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables?”

(b) For Social Activists. “Annihilation of Caste”

(c) For Religious Activists. “Buddha and his Dhamma”

Ambedker identified that untouchability was an integral part of the caste system rather its very essence. And caste is the foundation on which Hindu religion stands. So all those persons like Vivekananda, Gandhi etc., who wanted to reform Hinduism, failed because Hinduism is not amenable to reform. One cannot reform Hinduism keeping the caste system intact. If you abolish caste, whole edifice of Hinduism collapses, because Hinduism is nothing but caste.

Gandhi failed because he wanted to abolish untouchability keeping caste as it was. He proclaimed that Caste System is the soul of Hinduism. This statement he gave not out of his ignorance, he knew that caste system is a crime against the humanity and divinity but he was fearful of Hindu fundamentalists. Gandhi knew the curse of caste system well but he did not like to put his hand into the beehive and get bitten. He wanted to reform Hinduism without touching the privileges that caste confers on upper castes.

Ignoring his meritorious services to the nation, Gandhi gained better recognition being a Mahatma. Fortunately the bare facts are surfacing on the international platform and world is able to understand the efforts of Ambedker for elimination the curse of caste system. He wanted to build a healthy nation whereas Gandhi and other reformers tried to strengthen Hinduism not India as a country.

Ambedker’s book “Annihilation of Caste” is his speech, had to be delivered in 1936, in Lahore, in a conference organized by “Jat Pat Todak Mandal”. The said Mandal comprised of all high caste people under the leadership of Gandhi. Dr Ambedker had to preside over the conference and this book was his presidential address. The so called, “Jat Pat Todak Mandal” suggested Dr Ambedker to modify his speech. Ambedker refused to oblige them. Conference was postponed and dropped afterwards to evade dynamic speech of Dr Ambedker

Through this speech, Dr Ambedker had put the so-called holy scriptures of Hindus to the acidic test. He said that until and unless we deny the sanctity of the scriptures, which justify castes, we couldn’t get rid of castes system.

Gandhi and his coterie never wanted to demolish the religious status of the said scriptures. Later on he publicly burnt Manu Simiriti. His burning of Manu Simiriti was a revolutionary step to lead the untouchables not to follow Hindu scriptures but to discard the religion of injustice and come out of its fold.

As father of Constitution of India, Ambedker demolished the caste system declaring India “Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to its citizens Justice, social, economic and political, Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship, Equality of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation”.

India became independent, in 1947. Now we are in the year 2013. That means 65 years have passed but we have failed to meet with the aims and objectives of the Constitution of India.

Why it is? It is a big question. It is not the failure of the constitution, but it has happened because the Brahmins have virtually dominated over the governance of the country. They have viewed the constitution, ensuring green pasture for the Brahmin.

Even today, Manu Simiriti has its edge over the constitution of India. Brahmins have not domination over the bureaucracy only but except BSP, Brahmins head all political parties. It is not an incidence but a fact that none of the non Brahmin Prime Minister could complete full term since the independence of the country keeping aside the exception of Dr Manmohan Singh who is on hold for a Prime Minister to come from Gandhi family. Gulzari Lal Nanda, Ch Charan Singh, Chander Shekhar, Gujral, Devgauda, V P Singh have been the non Brahmin Prime Ministers and none of them could survive for the full term. On the other hand Narsimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajpai both Brahmins, completed full term despite their governments in minority.

Brahmins, the most privileged class has kept other upper castes to be with them on the issue of castes. Resultantly there has been no change in the thinking of other upper caste too.  Not only there is no change in their thinking but also there has not been an honest attempt to bring social change in the country. Today, it is educated class from upper castes that keep the caste system alive to protect their privileges intact.

Apart from Brahmin, Why other upper castes do not give up caste system? They do not do, because caste helps them to exploit their fellowmen better. Caste system carries the theological sanction as blessing from Hindu scriptures. In jungle law, every strong animal devour the weak animal so is the state of Hinduism. For this wild law, Hinduism has the blessings of its sacred scriptures. That is why in India wealth is getting accumulated in the hands of top 10% to 15% of the upper castes and the rest are joining below poverty line lot.

Yet nowhere there is public debate on the merits and demerits of caste system, not even among our university eggheads. If someone raises an issue of exploitation of lower castes, his voice is dubbed under caste prejudice. The vast group of untouchables, Dalits and other oppressed minorities of India will have to cope with fundamentalism and remain slave to the 15% upper caste till eternity.

Now the caste system is further being strengthen and glorified by adding it through the population census. Though there is no chance that India may get rid of this evil design of Satan but this attempt of Manuvadis dominating the governance of India will further strengthen the Caste System.

It is further unfortunate that the sufferers of this hateful discrimination have started loving the slavery and do not want to break the yoke of satanic system. 

In 1935 Ambedkar declared that he was born as Hindu but will not die as Hindu. He had only two choices to convert i.e. Christianity & Budhism. In 1956 he converted to Budhism because it was not possible for him to convert to Christianity with one million people at one time. To convert to Christianity one has to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believe in Him. In 1956 no Christian Church was equipped with sufficient facility to give Bible Study and baptism to ONE MILLION people at one time particularly for Hindu terrorism. 

As Father of the Constitution of India he willfully inducted the Ten Commandments, the Law of God on which he raised the structure of the Constitution of India. He studied 144 Constitutions of the World (mostly western countries) that were followers of Jesus Christ. He uprooted the Hindu scriptures from the depth but the Hindus who govern the country still keep the Manu Simirity above the Constitution. His followers glorify the Hindu gods of the religions in the Hindu fold. His 22 oaths contain "I will not worship Hindu gods or idols" but the followers of Ambedkar are worshiping the idols may be statues, stones or books. They must read annihilation of castes written by great illumine of India and understand Ambedkar.

Ambedkar gave a brighter solution, a hope of liberation. He suggested.

“I tell you very specifically; religion is for man and not man for religion. To get human treatment, convert yourselves.


1.  for getting organized.

2.  for becoming strong.

3.  for securing equality.

4.  for getting liberty.

5. For that your domestic life may be happy”.