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Rich Porle


I just want you my Lord....

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Father,Creator of the heavens and the Earth. I worship You and adore You with all my heart. Let Your love and joy fill my heart each day of my life. My Lord,my soul seeks of Your |mais

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A sense of purpose is the best driving force to live.
Because when you have the reason to live,you will never
have the reason to quit!

Un rumbo en la vida es la mejor fuerza motriz de vivir. ¡Porque cuando usted tiene la razón para vivir, usted nunca tendrá la razón para dejar!


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Life goes fast... Richie, wish you touching holiness, every time you feel hopeless or lost! Go to the Light! God bless you on your 21st birthday, Brother!

Richie I just want you my Lord....

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He forgive because He loves you!

He forgive because He loves you!

If you feel unworthy already to ask forgiveness from God,it was a lie from the Devil.The Devil tries to | mais

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