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Oct 16, 2013

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Keep Praying and do not Lose Heart (Luke 18:1-8)

Recently, earthquake smashes Visayas Regions leaving a number of casualties and losses of investments for both the lowly and the rich.

In a cicumtance like this, we're caught between collision of fear and doubt becaue of livelihood which turned into heap of rubbles especially for the poor who could not avoid not to be fearful on what it would be like after a crisis and how they should cope up their expenditures now that they're starting all over again.  On the other hand, it could trigger doubt to others questioning like, "Is God really in existence?  If so, why did He permit everything to happe?  Why should He allow both the bad and the poor suffer simultaneously on the same impact of crisis?"

In the middle of adversities, God's challenge is always present urging us not to lose heart but to pray.  HE could control this dilemma begore it happens, but He allows it to come to pass as check & balance for everyone helping us to have a firm hold on our faith and dependence towards Him, His provision, His salvation, His mercy, His power, His goodnes and His love.


Friends, with this predicament that we're facing again, we would have good reason to come before God's presence to beseech for His Mercy and Grace.  Let's be united again as one family in prasie and wosrhip. 

Come and bring with you your loved ones, friends, colleagues, classmates and acquaintances and receive unexpected miracles  of provision and love.


Venue:  2/Floor, Lay Formation Center

             San Carlos Seminary Complex, Guadalupe Makati City, Philippines

             October 16, 2013 @ 7:30PM