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Petra Eromosele


Voorganger van Sunday International Christian Outreach

Minha Oração

Niemand weet wanneer de Here Jezus Christus zijn kinderen komt ophalen. Ik bid dat we niet achtergelaten zullen worden maar met Hem in Glorieland zullen komen. Bereid je hart voor op Zijn |mais

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peromosele adicionou novo blog "Africa"

I proudly present the new project / single "Africa" by Sunday Eromosele. Buy now! http://www.sundaymusicsound.net/home-1.html

peromosele adicionou novo blog "Shine on me"

I proudly present the new project / single "Shine on me" by Sunday Eromosele Buy now! http://www.sundaymusicsound.net/home-1.html  

SICO Ministries opened a new branche in Gouda The Netherlands

SICO Ministries has started a new branche in Gouda from July 2013. The Lord is good!

SICO Ministries Utecht performance of Sunday Eromosele

Children Ministration in SICO Ministries

Cephas, Daniel & John singing a song to glorify the Lord!

Children Programme in Eindhoven

Topic, Your hands are remembering you that we have to remember God in our lives. Every finger has his own meaning. Our first finger, meaning God first!

peromosele adicionou novo blog Prophetic Dance

Prophetic Dance

Celebration SKIN (Samen Kerk In Nederland) 10 years anniversary. Praise the Lord!


Blessings for 2014... rejoyce in the Lord always for He is Good!


Please, tomorrow the 31st of December is the last day to have the opportunity to vote for me for the FOTY AWARD 2013. Please check my link: http://www.freelanceroftheyear.nl/petra-eromosele Spread it as much as possibl

Merry Christmas and a happy new Year 2014

Sunday Music & Sound an family Eromosele wish you a very blessed X-mass and a happy new Year 2014. Keep the faith, the Lord is coming soon! Fam. Eromosele

peromosele adicionou novo blog Vote for Petra Eromosele

Vote for Petra Eromosele

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am nominee for the FOTY AWARD 2013 (Freelancer Of The Year 2013) in the Nethelands. Please vote for me:Press the blue bottom "stem" in the link here below:http://www.fre…

Stem op Petra Eromosele / Vote for Petra Eromosele

Doe je ook mee? Stem op mij via de volgende link: http://www.freelanceroftheyear.nl/petra-eromosele#!Klik op de blauwe knop. Heel erg bedankt. :-) Gods zegen toegewenst. Petra Eromosele

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I proudly present the new project / single "Africa" by Sunday Eromosele. Buy now! http://www.sundaymusicsound.net/home-1.html

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