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Stephen B. Lampman

Lampy|United States



Many people today would list many different things as being man’s dilemma, such things as: health problems, unemployment, poverty, crime, war, and so on. Each of course are problems found in every society, excluding none. One could say man’s dilemma is universal and they would be correct. However each of the things listed above are actually the result of man’s dilemma not the cause. The cause in found in man’s depravity. In that depravity every un-regenerated human beings sets his own standard as to his or her conduct of life. Man has rejected the absolute standard of his creator and as a result is alienated toward not only God but from one another.

Man has no solution for this and therein lays the dilemma, God’s solution from twelve different perspectives. Each chapter is a study in itself but fits nicely as one completed work. The reader will find that because this work is a compilation of twelve smaller works many passages have been repeated in the various chapters. The writer found this approach necessary to support the message of the topic of each individual chapter.


Transforming Power; The Work of God on Behalf of Man





 In today’s world the God of the Bible, if believed in at all, has been relegated as being not relevant in the affairs of mankind. John the revelator wrote that in the last days Jesus, God the Son will be expelled from the church He created and will seek to have fellowship with anyone who would ask Him to come back in (Revelation 3:30).

The author of this little booklet has written a book entitled “One Christian’s Perspective of Man’s Dilemma God’s Solution”; eleven chapters that present a God who is sovereign over all of creation and is bringing this present dispensation to a close. This booklet is the first in a series of booklets that continue with that perspective. It is intended to promote God to those who may be seeking Him and it is intended to encourage Christians who may be disheartened.

It is the author’s prayer that all who read this work will be greatly blessed. But, beyond that the author prays that God is honored. 


Theses Works are Now Available


1) CD issue of One Christian’s Perspective of Man’s Dilemma, God’s Solution

The CD has eleven chapter's and the titles are - Spiritual darkness; The Depravity of Man; Man's Will-Free or Otherwise; The Fallacy of an Easy Salvation; Faith, Choice or Gift; Grace or Works; Salvation: The Work of God; No Other Name Under Heaven; Born Again; The Empty Cross; and Eternal Security.

The price of this CD is $10.00 / you must have a device with a CD port such as your computer to read the CD.

2) Reflections on the Transforming Power of God; A Four Booklet Series that can be purchase as a set or individually.  The set can be purchased for $40.00. Or each booklet can be purchased separately at $10.00 per booklet.  If you purchase the complete series of booklets we will make you a gift of the CD. 

Shipping cost will be added to your purchase (s).  All shipping will be by media-mail;      

the least expensive route.

Booklet One: tells of our Beliefs; and looks at  “The Work of God on Behalf of Man; All persons Will Meet God; Securely Positioned in Christ; Regeneration & Sanctification; God Moves the Christian Towards Maturity; the Christian’s Participation in Salvation; The Christian is to Abide in Christ; Salvation and commitment; The Christian’s Comfort, he is secured by the Hand of God; and, No Condemnation”.

Booklet Two:  tells of our Beliefs; and looks at “The Nature of Sin; All Persons Will Meet God; It is Important What You Believe; It is Appointed; Holy Spirit at Work; Spiritual rebirth-An Absolute Necessity; Born Again by the Will of God; Repentance That Leads to Salvation; Unimaginable Mercy and Grace; Salvation and Commitment; Our Salvation; God’s Grace; The Work of God; What is Godly Repentance?; Predestined or What?; God’s Unchanging Message; None Good but God; How Does One Come to Have saving Faith?; God’s gift of His Spirit; and, Saved to Worship”.

Booklet Three: tells of our Beliefs; and looks at “Choose You This day; A Right Mind Set; How do You Know; Regeneration and sanctification; Believing Facts About Jesus Christ; God is Pleased With What?; The Seared Conscience; Peace; The exercise of Faith; Abiding in Christ; Faithful Stewardship; Faith; How do You Know; The word, Prayer and a Pure Heart; Outward Manifestations; Set Your Affections; A Gentle & Quiet Spirit; Living in Newness of Life; A Steadfast Walk Will Have an Impact; and, Rest Assured, God is Faithful”.

Booklet Four:  tells of our beliefs; and looks at; “Don’t Enter Eternity as an Enemy of God; He Who Has an Ear, Let Him Hear; Righteous Living; Do All to The Glory of God; Securely positioned in Christ; A False Sense of Security; The promise Helper; Where There is Life, there is Life!; Christian Discipline; Works, Faiths production; Right Values; Christian Integrity; Sincerity of Heart and Mind; Romans 8, Living by the Power of The Holy Spirit; Commitment; The Christian’s Response to God’s Gift; A More Abundant Life; Made Righteous; Wisdom, and, Acceptable Commit-ment”.

We pray that you will enjoy these offerings and more so, that they encourage and bless you beyond measure.

Steve & Nancy Lampman

Transforming  power, The Work of God on Behalf of Man










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Transforming Power; The Work of God on Behalf of Man

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