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paula trenti



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I pry for my mother because she'is a the hosital. God Bless you everyboy.

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Steve Jobs died!

After fighting cancer over a couple of years, Steve Jobs - Apple founder and former CEO - died on October 5th at the age of 56. Millions of people around the world are shocked about his death and send thousand…

I alwayas admired this man! So clever


I like this place but I don't know how it works! I have to give my opinion? I have to priest? blessings

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paula19 juntou-se à oração [[título]] de [name]]

paula19 agora é um amigo de vava

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sorry because of my english!

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pray for my family. Several problems appear! I have a question of homsexuality is a sin. is it tru that somebody can birth like this. If is so, I dont'understand! I'm really desperate!


sorry because of my english!

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