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God bless all ^_^

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The Bible school family has been praying for a library for many years now. It’s been my prayers too because i can see the students they hve difficulty in there lessons, their library has |mais

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New Leadership for CROSS.TV Nov 14, 2014 2 Comentários

Father, as we move forward with everything you called us to, we earnestly pray for the right new partner to come alongside CROSS.TV to advance, steward and lead this awesome social media platform in its forward expansion, according to YOUR plans and will. We invite YOU to be the one to make the calls and to decide whom you would like to appoint in this capacity. Please connect us and show us your selection. Just like you appointed King David against all odds, making it known through your prophet Samuel, make your choice known and connect us to the appointed entity and group of people. We trust you in this - just like in all other large and small decisions in our lives and ministries. Amen!

Beloved Egypt Jul 25, 2013 3 Comentários

Please my Lord .. Our father in heaven please ... Save Egypt safely ... Save Egypt independent .. save Egypt without wars.. Save Egypt far and far from the Brotherhoods terrors .. Save Egypt is a country that the security & safe .. my lord .. please save my country from any harm or the arrows of the enemy .. You said " From Egypt called my son " pl..z my father Jesus Christ respond to my prayer ... love u deeply much & trust u deeply deeply deeply much .. Your Daughter Sanaa :)

Praised be our beloved King YHVH&Holy Trinity Mar 03, 2013

. ♥†♥we're awesome&blessed&wise enough team God's creation, one of many God's masterpices, Hallelujah! ♥(^‿^)%*♫♫...*♫..... I'm eternaly greatful, Praised be our beloved Lord and King YHVH&Holy Trinity!♥†♥ ♥†♥♥♥(^‿^)%*♫♫...*♫.....

Praying for missionaries around the world Feb 13, 2013 3 Comentários

Father, I thank you for missionaries around the world who are willing to lay down their lives for others, sacrifice safety, comfort, certain standards of living, big and small things of this world, in order to go to places, move to countries and walk a path that is truly reflecting your own life on earth. Lord, I pray that everyone of us who "stays at home", living lives in comfort, peace and safety, are able to learn to follow the example of those who sacrifice everything for your sake and to take up our cross and lay down our lives for others. Father, protect and bless every missionary today - their families, properties, health, life and their supporters. I pray that you will protect their relationships with donors and supporting organizations and that those supporters will increase in finances and stewardship. Protect the revenues of those who fund missionaries and missions projects so they can sustain and increase their support. Show us all a new opportunity today to become involved in world missions ourselves and in supporting and blessing someone on the mission field. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Dedicated to Holy Trinity, miracle of my life Feb 02, 2013

♥♥♥ (^‿^)% For you made me love you everyday more I thank Thee, my dear Lord YHWH and Holy Trinity that although I'm so little, In Your eyes i'm always, unique and priceless. You grow me in such a wonderful way! Love you always! *. ˛*♫˛♥......*♫* ˛*♫˛♥*♫* (^‿^)% ♥†♥ Celei mai minunate persoane din viata mea, Iti multumesc dragulita Doamne YHWH si Sfanta Treime ca desi sunt mic, in ochii tai sunt gingas si fascinant. Ma binecuvantezi, ma calauzesti, ma ocrotesti si ma cresti intr-un chip atat de minunat. Iubirea ta nu m-a dezamagit vreodata. Iti multumesc vesnic, si-s cel mai fericit ca esti mereu in preajma mea, ca si iubirea mea pentru Tine, o maresti neincetat.*. ˛*♫˛♥*♫* ˛*♫˛♥*♫*

Prayer for those affected by Hurricane Sandy Nov 07, 2012 6 Comentários

The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us in a world beyond our control yet promised never to allow it's captivity to decay to destroy us. We now pray for all those experiencing the havoc of storm and tempest in the Caribbean and North America, especially those who have lost homes or loved ones. Give courage to those who work in emergency services, wisdom to those leading communities and nations, and compassion and patience to families and friends as they seek safety together, share the grief this time, and work to rebuild cities and neighbourhoods. Hasten that day when the whole creation shall be renewed and we live at peace and in harmony with the world and its peoples. Accept our prayer through Jesus Christ, who himself calmed the storm and taught us not to fear but to trust you as the God who dwells with us in every circumstance."

Egypt. Apr 04, 2012 4 Comentários

Oh Lored, you promissed in your Bible " Blessing with Egyptian peoples " Isheya : 19 I don't want more than your promises, You said " i am with you all the days " You said " don't be afraid, i am with you " You said " All what you reqouiring in prayers by faithfull you gonna take " please god save Egypt, Be with us, Be with our revolution, Don't make them catch her, you know and see how much we lost lot of peoples as a martyrs or injured :( , please for what they gave to Egypt save her. Your Daughter Sanaa :)

Please pray for cross.tv! Mar 19, 2012 8 Comentários

Last Tuesday morning we were supposed to have a monthly meeting with cross.tv's Ambassadors, Regional Managers and Translators in the Multimedia Chat but just before we could start, cross.tv stopped for about 10 mins because of a server issue. Isn't it strange that on the same day of that chat meeting our servers went down? We would like to ask you to pray with us for the protection of cross.tv and for any other Christian website you know of. It seems that this was an attack by the enemy. We need people who pray for cross.tv, for its servers, its technical systems and for the staff members as well. cross.tv is a blessing for many many people and our enemies hate it! They will do everything they can to destroy the good work! If cross.tv gets destroyed, there won't be a faith-based social media website in multiple languages any longer. Will you pray with us? Together we can make a difference!

books for Bible school library Oct 06, 2011 2 Comentários

The Bible school family has been praying for a library for many years now. It’s been my prayers too because i can see the students they hve difficulty in there lessons, their library has only one shelf for text books and references. the bible school started 5 yrs ago. The bible school needs more books and references for the students to use like Study Bible,text books like theology, Psychology, Bible Survey, Pastoral Function, Escatology,any reference bibles and books and other Doctrinal Books, Bible Encyclopedia,Bible Dictionaries, Bible lessons from children to adults, Bibles ,song books and choir pieces. the bible school is buiding a new room for library because the students increase population and we are positive that new library will be full of books and refrences for the next school year for the students to used in there studies. through this prayer I know God will give this in the right time to help and to training young people for the full time pastors and missionaries. plss help me pray ..that God will supply the needs for the bible school library