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Eternal Gospel Assemblies International|Pakistan

Dear friends and prayer partners, Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. EGAI feel pleased to share with you all as EGAI serving the Lord independently, in the Republic Islamic Country Pakistan.EGAI has special target to reach villages th

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Dear brothers and sisters, Greetings to you all in name of Jesus . Flood in Pakistan increasing day by day since 15 July,2015.And destroying to the houses and crops and ,many are looting |mais

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pray for Christian prisoners in Pakistan Feb 23, 2013 1 Comentário

TITLE OF THE PROJECT: Visitation of Prisoners and their families to give them good news of Lord our Christ in 10 jails of Punjab Name: Eternal Gospel Assemblies International Status: Founder&Chairman Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1986 GPO Lahore Mobile: +92-300 4686 067 E-mail: info_egai2009@yahoo.com Legal Holder of the Project: Pastor Benyaameen Najum Founder/Chairman EGAI Youhanabad, Lahore Pakistan Remember those who are in prison, as though you are in prison with them. Remember those who are in suffering, as though you were Suffering as they are. (Hebrew 13:3) Background Christians constitute 3 % of the population of Pakistan of which 97 % are Muslims. Pakistan is a country of a nation’s state and GDP rate 1.7%. We have problems like land security, religious terrorism, gender, prejudice, cast system and superior and inferior complexity. It has been keenly observed that when the prisoners, victims and persecuted people are behind the bars they have to face many problems and suffer the great set back. Most of the people are suffering c-class jails, where the facilities are just namely. When the bread winner is behind the bars, his family has to face the challenge of supplies for the children, the education of the children and the court and lawyer expenses all at the same time. Most of the people do ordinary works like laborer and drivers. They are not able to pay the expenses of all these sufferings through their sources. We, as EGAI (Eternal Gospel Assemblies International) comfort them with guidance, spiritual counseling, and gifts of grocery. We pay the visits to the prisoner’s family for the moral and spiritual support at the same time. We also arrange worship and prayer meetings in the same colony or area where the prisoner was. We give awareness to the people of prisoner’s locality that these people have to pray for the prisoner and victim and they have to support physically. Visits of prisoners and their families To visit the prisoners behind the bars, EGAI has designed this project known as ‘Visitation’. We have a group of pastors, who are continuously busy to help prisoners in the jails. We aim at Spiritual growth, counseling, importance of Word of God and prayers in their lives. Our pastors are reshaping the lives of prisoners and nourishing their lives with Word of God. We collectively do the following things given hereunder: Objectives • Jail Visits • Prayer Meetings at Jails • Spiritual Growth of Prisoners • Counseling • Pastors’ Facts Finding for Innocent prisoners • Payments of Fines • Family Visits • Worship Meetings with prisoners’ families • Christmas Blessings Prayer Meeting One Sundays in each prison, prisoners gathered for worship meeting under prison chaplain. In this meeting they do worship, intercession and share the Word of God. Counseling All the EGAI pastors do the counseling for the prisoners and turn them to Word of God and prayerful life. Many of the prisoners have been benefited by counseling and spiritual growth. In Prison EGAI pastors go inside the jails and conduct the Sunday worship meeting with prisoners. They also do counseling and hear the different problems of the prisoners. In Prisoner’s Families EGAI pastors also conduct the worship meetings with the families of the prisoners. Since these people face all the problems in the absence of bread winner. Since most of the time the schooling, daily expenses and everything goes wrong and the family behind is in trouble. Our pastors show the love of Lord our Christ. Prisoners Sunday Campaign This campaign is necessary for the family of the prisoners and the people of that area where the prisoner was. Our EGAI pastors conduct the worship meeting at the same locality where the prisoner was, just to educate the people that they need to help the prisoner and must pray for these people rather treating them bad. This awareness is far important for the people in the society to know their spiritual responsibility where the prisoners have right that other must come and help them. Payments of Fine EGAI also pay fine of the prisoners, when they are in jail and have completed the time period of their sentence and are just in jails because they are unable to pay the fines to be free. EGAI pays the fines of the innocent prisoners just to get them free. The main aim of paying the fine of the prisoners, just to liberate them from prison and they could live a life of gratitude. This makes the change in their lives and they start a new life with a fresh start. We, as EGAI give them new hope to start a new life under Almighty hand of God and to be grateful whole life and not to be turned towards crime and any other wrong activity. ESTIMATE for Visitation in one Year We are going to target the 10 jails of the province Punjab Pak Rs: Salary of one the pastor 10000 X 12=120,000 Salary of 4 the Pastors 120,000X4 = 480,000 Traveling for the pastor 1000 X 12 = 12,000 Love gifts during jail visits = 20,000 Traveling for family visit 2000 X 12 = 24,000 Administration Cost Desk Officer 15000 X 12 = 180,000 Utilities 7000 X 12 = 84,000 Communication 2000 X 12 = 24,000 Total = 824,000 Current US $ @ 97 = 8494.84 US $ Note: This given expenses is meant for one pastor for visiting one jail in one year. (These prices are valid under the validity of 2 months) We have strong feelings, you would help us to put these out from their miseries. We are highly grateful to the generous donors. May God Bless you abundantly Requesting your blessings I remain, Pastor Benyaameen Najum Founder & Chairman EAGI Pakistan