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Grant Clan|Canada

Be Being Filled With The Holy Ghost, Praying Continiously For The Sick, Stopping Leprosy, Casting Out Demons, Raising The Dead, Praising The Lord!!!

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Let me be the right man, in the right time, in the right location, to release the Glory of the Lord God Almighty, into the earth. My desire: Bring the Kingdom of Heaven into manifestation |mais

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This Viceroy Butterfly was drying out it wings on my kitchen door.   Since it was making the transition from cocoon to butterfly, it was in a moment of danger.  

The good news is that Every situation on this earth is temporary and subject to change.  Moments later as the sun rose, the air temperature increased, drying the wings out.   Now the danger was over, the butterfly used it's wings to travel to safety.  

What is the temporary situation that has taken your attention?    It will be varied, by your location, gender, education, and/or financial holdings.  

Be aware that fear can be called common sense, reality, or any other type of term that places limits on your ability to make sound judgments.   When there seems to be no solution, this is the time to look for the wisdom of The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.  He is the true God.   Sincerely Ask Him to reveal Himself to you.   If He does not, than you have lost nothing.  

I know that if you will quiet your mind, find a place away from the hustle and bustle of friends, family and enemies, The Lord of Heaven will allow you to hear His voice.  

Let Him give you instructions on how to solve your dilemma.

Come on now,   you arrived on this page, most likely because of our slogan,  Be Being Filled with the Holy Ghost... so if God seems strange to you, you must be here looking for answers.  

When you move, God moves.

You can shake your fist, kick and scream on the floor, or any number of emotionally charged responses.  You still don't have God's attention,  crazy isn't it.

Here is an example:   A woman with two son's discovered that her dead husband left her a tremendous debt.  Her husband's creditor's were sympathetic about her loss, but her country allowed the creditors to take her sons and make them work to pay off the debt of their father.   What could she do?   She only had a small bottle of cooking oil in her house.   She knew a man who talked to God.   She visited that man.   He gave her instructions from the Lord.   She was to get her sons to help borrow pots and pans from her neighbours, then close the door to her house and start pouring the oil she had into the pots.   Since the woman was desperate to keep her sons, she followed the seemingly senseless instructions.   They borrowed all the pots and pans her neighbours could spare. She closed the door with her sons in the house.   She filled all the pots to the brim with oil from her bottle.   This is what the Lord told her to do.  She sold the oil, paid off her deceased husband's debt, kept her sons safe, and had money left over to live on.


What if the woman had not acted on those crazy instructions?   It would of been sad.


Most likely the solution you need, is within your house, garage, or storage facility.  


You know how to solve a problem for someone else.    That person is willing to pay you a handsome sum for your knowledge.

You won't find them if you hibernate in your residence, hiding from all the bill collectors, government soldiers, and secret police.

Take unusual action.


Whatever you are doing now can't be working, or

you would have left this page, ages ago.


A typical website page only has three seconds to get a visitor's attention.

The next seven seconds are also critical to keep that visitor.

Since you are still reading,  this means your problem is in need of a solution.

Evaluate your knowledge.

You know how to do something that is valuable to others.

Do not belittle what you know.

Do not assume that everyone knows what you know and that it is as easy for them, as it is for you.

Your skills are needed.

You count.

No other person on this planet perceives life the way you do.

Your unique point view will solve a problem for someone else. 

They will gladly pay you for your help.

Go on now,  get out of your dilemma by finding someone who needs your help.



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Grant Clan juntou-se à oração [[título]] de [name]]

Grant Clan juntou-se à oração [[título]] de [name]]

Grant Clan juntou-se à oração [[título]] de [name]]

Grant Clan juntou-se à oração [[título]] de [name]]


God bless you for those words Grant...keep it up!

Grant Clan

Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me, for my very being trusts in YOu. Yes, I shall make my refuge in the shadow of Your wings, until calamities are past. I shall cry to God Most High, to God Who performs all things for me.

Grant Clan juntou-se à oração [[título]] de [name]]

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