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Abdallah Rahman


Single, just broke my engagement with my fiancee' . She is a wonderfull person and very kind, but not the woman Im going to marry. We are just too different. May Allah help her find a man that fit her much better. Ameen.

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I pray that all religions will be united in worship of the only true God, whether we call Him El Shaiddai or Allah or something else. To me being a Muslim and submitting to God is equal to |mais

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Hi, my name is Ashley I want to fool around for a while http://v.ht/i18ixx

iglesia argentina es de cristo


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Indeed a very happy and positive song.

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To me El Shaddai is the same as Allah. There is no difference, apart from what we call Him. The part about the prophet Isa(A.S.( i.e. Jesus)as you call him, that is another story. All the best to you for this marvelous perfomance, and your great inspiration as an artist of great talent. Abdallah.


AMEN; Accept that God is indeed in existence and that.

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