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Carrie Wright

swetbluegirl16|United States

Hey guys!

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Feb 15, 2013

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My name is Carrie. I am 24 years old. Here is my life story.

Ever since I was born very prematurely (at only 24 weeks and weighing only 1 pound, 3.5 ounces), I've had to deal with serious health problems. I stayed in the hospital for almost two years battling bronchopulmonary dysplasia, and after I was released, I still had to be on a ventilator for a while at home, with nursing care around the clock.

I ended up blind in my right eye, and I also struggle with glaucoma and diabetes. But despite all of the health challenges I've faced, God has been powerfully at work in my life.

God gave me the gift of learning foreign languages. Miraculously, I was able to teach myself several foreign languages, including Japanese, which I now speak fluently. I was even able to travel to Japan for my 21st birthday!

I'm still learning new languages; I'm currently studying both Swedish and Chinese.

I'm grateful that God has empowered me to do something that is difficult even for many healthy people: learning and communicating in foreign languages. Not only has God given me a special gift I enjoy, but He has also gotten me through every health challenge I've faced. I'm looking forward to seeing how God will continue to work in my life!