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Shenley Ministries Int|South Africa

It's Not In Your Similarity To Others That Make You Unique, But Rather In Your Point Of Difference. You So Very Welcome To Join Us.Your Host Shenley. www.shenleyministries.com

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Father how awesome are you, there is none like you. I came to you father as your son and usher into your throne room of grace, the broken, those that are anxious, riddled in fear, others |mais

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Greetings from sunny South Africa Port Elizabeth, we welcome you to our site do enjoy the journey with us, we trust we can be a blessing to you as we serve you.

We would like to take this opportunity to brief you on our ministry mandate. Shenley Redlinghuis is the Founder of Shenley Ministries International and the Chairman of Exposure Ministries International. Our head office is in Port Elizabeth, our covering body is Word Of Faith Christian Centre under the Apostolic leadership of Jimmy Crompton a man and ministry who has been a father to many and greatly respected in the nation of South Africa and internationally.
Shenley stands in the Office of an Evangelist and is in full time service for the Lord, A true servant of the Lord with an obsession to be like Jesus Christ and to know him.

Shenley is committed and devoted to bring Deliverance Restoration and Reconciliation to the nations,he feels his part in the Kingdom of God is to teach people how to come out of darkness and maintain their freedom in Christ. Shenley is adament that God has raised him up to ignite revival in the lives of people and to set alight the church..
Shenley's ministry in deliverance comes with a powerful approach, unique, tasteful and enlightning, accasionally humorous. His years of seeking the face of God has paid off and thus has placed a deep demand on the gifts in his life, He flows strongly in the word of knowledge, discerment, and the prophetic.

Shenleys methods and experience is too evoke transformation in people through Gods word, he is bold and rooted, and challenges the devil and his minions head on with his no nonsense approach. No doubt Shenley is a thorn in the devils side.
Over the Course of his ministry, Shenley has became a sort after minister who has to date travelled to 32 nations, written 8 books and often a radio and television guest.

Shenley travels extensively to various nations training and equipping the saints.His seminar MADE FREE has been booked up 10 months in advance a seminar not to be missed.
Shenley's ambition and driving force is to train up individuals, churches and ministries, he exposes the misconception of casting out demons, and effectively takes you on a journey step by step.Shenley is emphatic that Exposure Ministries must deposit practical empowering tools in the body of Christ and insists on building long term relationships with others producing good fruit that will bring continues soul snatching out of hell.

Although Shenley's passion is the work of the Lord, his greatest joy is his family. His wife Meagan his friend and soul mate, and they are planning a family.

Shenleys desire and soldout mandate to the service of the Lord has earned him the recognition as a prolific speaker, dynamic leader and a powerful Evangelist. who displays the power of our Living God.

Shenley Redlinghuis is an itinerate minister, a world recognized conference and seminar speaker. In order to invite him for your engagements please contact us at office@shenleyministries.com, at your convenience please view our www.shenleyministries.com
We will take great pleasure in serving you and sending him!
Shenley Redlinghuis " The Evangelist"

written by Sven Mahieu (PA)Wink

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Shenley Ministries Int agora é um amigo de VCCJZ

Shenley Ministries Int agora é um amigo de shejocar

Shenley Ministries Int It's Not In Your Similarity To Others That Make You Unique, But Rather In Your Point Of Difference. You So Very Welcome To Join Us.Your Host Shenley. www.shenleyministries.com

Shenley Ministries Int

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Shenley Ministries Int

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When You Live Holy, You Have Better Understanding Of Sin In Your Life!!!

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