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Behind The Smile|Canada

My main goal is to direct people to the Lord. To show His faithfulness & glory through my life. My autobiography can be found @ http://www.cindylea62behindthesmile.blogspot.com & a Daily Devotional site @ http://www.abrokenvessel62.blogspot.com

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Please pray with me for the money and volunteers to get the needed work done on the basement apartment that my son is building for me to live in. God is able to do above what we ask and |mais

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Land for Perishing Young people Souls May 27, 2014 5 Comentários

Hello dear brother/sister in Christ Jesus! One day while I was in prayer, I have had the strong inspiration and also God showed me that there has a been the specific LAND, which signifying that every Sunday evening at 4.00PM, prayer meeting was being conducted for the solely youngsters, accordingly, I have found out the particular LAND itself what God had revealed. Therefore, in such a situation We have approached the owner of the land in our village, Tsunduru itself and She is ready to sell this land worth1000 square yards, for which its present market rate is Rupees 20,00,000 (in USA Dollars 33,000). Hence, because of these Apt prevailing matters and factors in this aspect in accordance with God's inspiration and revealing We shall have to buy this land itself and as you too know very well the youth are being misguided and addicted to many bad habits in the society, accordingly, in such a adverse situation, it is our bounden duty and moral responsibility that many more youth souls have to be saved, as well. It is our strong motive and firm determination. Therefore, as this is being the precious and sustainable endevour for the youth it is our humble request, please kindly pray all its peaceful and successful fulfillment at an earliest and most obviously, for this sake, We do need your immense prayers as well as generous support with pleasure. And also according to your possibility, Please kindly extend this much financial help through you and also through the kind involvement of your good friends and also your fellow Christian Church members there itself. It is our humble request only, The Land is now ready for sale, We are praying for you, hope you will do the same AS HE does Thanking you, Pastor Rao

Heartache Apr 10, 2014 3 Comentários

Dearest Lord, I know there are others whose hearts are aching and breaking and I pray for you to give them healing and show them the best remedy to the pain. Lord, I have kept myself from being in love to avoid heartache and now my children are breaking my heart. Dearest Lord, I don't understand what is happening. I am surrounded by mothers whose daughters love them and brag about how close they are and yet my children abuse and neglect me. Father, I do not want to die without knowing what love is. Deliver me from this confusion and emptiness and bring me to the cross, Father. Let me be protected by your Holy Spirit and feel your loving Arms around me. In Jesus name, I pray with my whole heart.

Muslims Mar 27, 2014 1 Comentário

Father God, You know where hatred exists. I pray, dear Lord, for You to shed light upon those in Kenya and around the world, who have chosen to take up arms and follow the evil one. Let you blind them with Your Light as you did Paul, when he was persecuting Your people. Special prayer, Dear Lord, for the families and victims of the church shooting that took place Sunday in Mombasa. Dearest Lord, pour out Your Spirit and let Your Will be done on earth as it was in Heaven, when you cast out the evil one and his evil angels. In the name of Yeshua we pray. Amen.

Money and volunteers urgently needed! Feb 18, 2014 1 Comentário

Please pray with me for the money and volunteers to get the needed work done on the basement apartment that my son is building for me to live in. God is able to do above what we ask and think!

Compassion Feb 15, 2014

Heavenly Father help us follow in Your holy footsteps of compassion and kindness. Sometimes it's so hard to see beyond a persons actions, to their heart. Father, you always saw the heart and not the action. Fill us with your compassion so that we in turn can help those who are hurting around us. Make us into a vessel of love that You can use to pour out on others.

Help to forgive Feb 15, 2014

Dear Lord, please help me to forgive my oldest daughter. She destroyed my life and took everything that was important to me, my father and my husband, and when my father disowned me and left her everything, she refused to even scan the old photos of my father and my grandparents, whom she didn't even know, so that I could have something. I asked for just a button off one of my father's shirts, and she wouldn't even give me that. Dear Lord, my heart is heavy with hate, so that my hands shake. Please rid me of this hatred and help me to forgive and let go. In Jesus Name, I beseech thee.

Jude Feb 14, 2014

Dear friends, my friend Jude had a kidney transplant several years ago, because her whole family died of a genetic kidney disease. Now her arm is black and the local doctors don't know why. She is traveling to Baltimore, Maryland, a long drive, where there are better doctors and hospitals. Friends, if it is her time, pray that she give her heart to the Lord and that she is ready to face Him. If not, pray for her recovery, that she may have some time left to praise and honor our Father. She just turned 70 years old and she lives alone. Thank you, friends, and bless you.

Security for my friend Feb 12, 2014 1 Comentário

Please pray for my friend Eli, that the Lord will pour out His blessing upon him. The Lord knows his circumstances. Please ask the Lord to give Eli a sign, to give him peace and the knowledge that you are working for him. Father, you know my friend's circumstances. I know you are working in ways he cannot see right now. I pray, dearest Lord, to please give my friend a sign, so that he will know You are working in his favor. Give him the peace that passes all understanding, Father, the knowledge that You are carrying him when he cannot walk. Precious Father, we praise you above all things, we lift up Your Name for all to see. Father, we ask that You show my friend Your Hand and to realize that it is the devil who will frighten him and try to turn his face from You. We ask that you turn your radiance toward my friend and let him know that You will not fail him. In Jesus precious Name we pray. ~Amen

Looking to move Feb 09, 2014

I'd appreciate prayers for my son and daughter-in-law. They are trying to find a house with a grannie-suite in it for me. I can't stay where I'm at and have no money to find something else. Please pray that the Lord will give them a house soon as I can only stay where I'm at for another 2 months! Thanks so much!

Work through us Feb 07, 2014 1 Comentário

Dear Heavenly Father, touch those today who are hurting, those who are lonely and without hope. Let them feel Your precious touch upon their lives. Those trapped in the silent hell of domestic violence, protect and deliver them from this evil. Make us aware of the suffering of others, and help us reach out with compassion as you did, upon the multitudes. In Your precious and holy name we pray, AMEN

Prayer 1 Nov 16, 2013

I pour out my love to the lover of my soul. The ONE who forever I am bound to; the ONE who holds the reigns of my heart; the ONE who has crown me with HIS loving kindness and tender mercies. YOU, oh, LORD, will forever be MY KING. ~Narda Goodson, 2013 Alabaster Boxes

for flood victims Aug 21, 2013

greetings in the name of Christ, Hundreds of villages in Pakistan have been flooded after torrential rain across the country. The worst-affected area is Punjab province, where homes have been evacuated and roads washed away. We have to face heavy destruction due to the worst flood in various areas. 80 lives and displaced more than 80,000 people in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh provinces, according to reports from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Over 135,000 acres of crops have been inundated and ruined, and more than 4,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. People have lost everything they had the crops are totally destroyed and animals got dead. People are in great need for the necessities of life. If you are willing to contribute, or know somebody who can help, please contact the following: The essential need we feel is the rehabilitation for the flood affective people. If you want to send cash contact us on friendship.evangelism@yahoo.com besides sending cash you can support by providing following commodities.  Clothing: Clothes of various sizes, Beddings, Shoes  Utensils: Hurricanes (large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or other liquids), Crockery, Buckets  Soaps, Dettol (antibacterial cleaners), Towels  Food: Rice, Sugar, Flour (Atta), Cooking oil, Tea, Milk Safe drinking water. Looking forward for your response