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Holy Spirit Gospel Ministries|India

Holy Spirit Revealed to some of the youngsters in Katrapalli

                                                       AIMS AND OBJECTS :

1. To disseminate Bible knowledge among the people by means of printing and publishing a monthlly magazine.


2. To furnish the people christian literature generally instructive and informative good news through printed pages such as pamplets, booklets, periodicals and books with no commercial objective whatever.


3. TO consolidate the church through efforts and activities such as bible classes. Conferences, Bible correspondence Courses, Screenings of films, Evangelistic outreach and personal contacts.


4. To encourage the people in the spirit of peaceable living, remind them of human dignity and value, and to foster in them law-abiding attitude.


5. To promote and uphold the Holy Mission of the Church in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thus caloling the people to consider spiritual values and prioties in their life by means of Christian litterature.


6. To open an orphanage for the orphans to feed them and educate them.


7. To establish Churches in differen places in order to provide spiritual welfare of the people.


8. To open a home for the aged and helping widows.


9. To open Christian Library for the peole to study the word of God to gain spiritual Blessings.


10. To support and encourage evangelists who are serving the LORD faithfully in different areas. 


11. To brodcast the Gospel messages on Radio and TV telecast to meet the spiritual needs of the people.


12. To estalish adult education centers in various areas. 


    TO  CONTACT    9703216562  OR   EMAIL ID ; vnmidsala@gmail.com       



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Holy Spirit Gospel Ministries adicionou nova galeria de foto

Holy Spirit Gospel Ministries adicionou nova galeria de foto

Holy Spirit Gospel Ministries adicionou nova galeria de foto

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