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Holy Spirit Gospel Ministries|India

Holy Spirit Revealed to some of the youngsters in Katrapalli


Greeting to you, in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST........


          I am M. Narasinga Rao, s/o M. Ramaiah, born in Hindu family.  We were worshipping idiols completely.  We, our family and ancestors also accept JESUS.  I, myself always rebuke JESUS and say JESUS is not GOD. 

          Upto 1988 I led the life ofa sinner, a drunkered and a man that has all bad habits.  I was totally in the clutches of satan.  But one day in the month of april 1988, some Evangelists and Pastors were telling about the love of JESUS CHRIST.  "Human beings are all sinners.  JESUS came from HEAVEN to earth for them.  I man die in his sin, he will goto HELL".  These words I heard from them.  I believe that the blood of christ only can cleanse me.  Immediately I accepted JESUS  as my personal saviour and was attending prayer meetings.  In the month of January 1991, I along with my wife baptised and added to church.


                          In 1992, I was sent to GOD's Ministry.  I had been working for 3 years as an Evangelists and a pastor.  After that in 1995.  I left my Job and dedicated completely my life to God's Ministry.  By doing Evangelism, I travelled through many areas: growing in church ministries.  I gave baptism to many people.  I decided and dedicated my life to his ministry till my last breath.  


Wife - Sarada    50years

Son  -  Vinay kumar 24years

Daughter - Sandhya Rani 30years

Son - In - Law  - Jasper  32 years

Grabd daughter - Joy Beryl   4years


                        Total my family is in God's Ministry.




M. simon peter  (Narasinga Rao),

s/o. M. Ramaiah  (Late),

katrapally (Village)(Haveli),

Sangem (Mandal),

Warangal (District),

Telangana State,




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Holy Spirit Gospel Ministries adicionou nova galeria de foto

Holy Spirit Gospel Ministries adicionou nova galeria de foto

Holy Spirit Gospel Ministries adicionou nova galeria de foto

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