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Network Mapping and Network Scanning – A Complete Guide to Know Nmap

Apr 16, 2016

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Network Mapping And Network Scanning” is written by Renne B. William. This book is very informative as it has a lot of in-depth information about different features of network mapping and its basics. Also called as “Network Mapper”, Nmap is an open-source and free utility for security auditing and network discovery. It is very helpful tool for doing things like managing schedules for service upgrade, network inventory, and monitoring service uptime and host.

You will know different things about Nmap in this book like basics of Nmap, how to compile Nmap, list open ports, find live hosts under home network, fingerprint services,  scan with specific network or port ranges, run NSE scripts, compare scanning results with NDIFF, and manage these results with ZENMAP, detect NAT with NPING, user interface, monitor servers with NDIFF and NMAP remotely, scanning techniques, Ping Options, scanning techniques, timing and tuning options in Nmap and pros and cons of NMAP.

The book has a lot of helpful tips and tricks to get the most of Network Mapping. It can be a complete resource for anyone who likes to learn more about network scanning and network mapping. The book features real-world approach on using this tool and documents each and every option and feature of Network Mapping.

This book is said to be a masterpiece with which you can learn the art of network scanning and mapping. It is surely among the best books because it is highly recommended to read while practicing network mapping on computer. Turn on the terminal, open your network connectivity and launch the latest Nmap version to try and test several options in this book. This book can feed anyone’s research motivation and creativity. This book is full of explanations on why and how Nmap works and examples on using them.