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wlmb|United States

We would love to meet you on our Social channels! Be sure to check us out at...Facebook.com/WLMBTV40, Instagram.com/WLMBTV40, and Twitter.com/WLMBTV40

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Toledo [43601], United States (Ohio)


825 Capital Commons Dr, Toledo, OH 43615

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Igreja/ Ministério

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The Mission of WLMB-TV 40 is to provide Christ-centered television of high technical quality and programming excellence to uplift, unite, educate, challenge, and encourage viewers in a manner consistent with the teachings of God's Word. Building on the foundation of this mission, we strive to communicate the redemptive love of Jesus Christ through an authentic Christian witness, strengthen new Christians through programming which assists in the discipleship process, edify and educate all Christians to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ and expand their knowledge of God's Word, comfort and encourage all people in need, encourage racial and ethnic reconciliation in the community, offer corporate and individual worship opportunities, and inform and educate viewers about Christian ministries and outreach efforts worldwide, produce local general-interest, public-service and public-affairs.

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