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ChristnMe adicionou novo blog The Superiority of Christianity !
2 dias atrás   This is not about arrogance or boastfulness; both of which are anti-Christian. This is about confidence and Faith in the pers…

He was the first of many to become corrupted by his selfish identity and the first to fall from the heights of splendor and Grace. He was beautiful not in the sense of curves and lines but by the Light that …

The Christian Walk - Understanding. This Understanding requires and stands on several pillars for it to be effective first in the Spirit and secondly in the flesh, and is contained in the phrase "wh… God designed us to constantly gain knowledge for His purpose of the Spiritual and physical worlds and as it were; if we are not learning; we … the true wisdom of God and not of man; the Body of Christ as James says is; "like a ship tossed to and fro in the seas of doubt". For with…

ChristnMe adicionou novo blog Enter the dragon.

Enter the dragon; that serpent of old who seeks his own kingdom by toppling God’s into chaos and anarchy as stated; “I (Lucifer) will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars o… God's purpose for man is Righteousness! God’s reason for Jesus is Righteousness! And God’s judgment not only on the fallen angels bu…

ChristnMe adicionou novo blog The Two Witnesses. Yes; God is love! But not of us but of His Kingdom. Sure; He sent His only begotten Son to save us but only based on a condition and acceptance as stated…


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ChristnMe adicionou novo blog The Christian Faith.

So you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. What does that mean and how do you go about to walk out that Faith in Christ Jesus? Too often many are delivered from sin and disobedience on…

ChristnMe adicionou novo blog Arise!

How do you have Victory in this world? You become Christ! Whoa; did I just lose some of you? Consider this! When Jesus walked among men; He was recognized to have the Glory of God working through Him. And w…


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ChristnMe adicionou novo blog Come, Lord Jesus; Come!

An odd statement by the landlord who just stated; “I do you no wrong: did not you agree with me for a penny” - Matt. 20:13. This is like God agreeing with the sinner who repents to receive Salvatio…

ChristnMe adicionou novo blog The Empty Tomb. The enemy will try to find any vulnerability with the goal to force you into surrendering your Salvation. It can almost be said that if a Christian al…

ChristnMe adicionou novo blog Jesus; Word for word. Yet; many still say; “But why me; I am not worthy”. Do we really think God is fickle and imprecise with His Declarations? We must embrace u…

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The Superiority of Christianity !   This is not about arrogance or boastfulness; both of which are anti-Christian. This is about confidence and Faith in the persona of our Lord Jesus Christ of whom | mais

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