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Apr 25, 2017

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Welcome to Kodesh Kallah, the Holiness of the Bride. We are seeking the reformation of the Church, the restoration of the whole Body of Messiah and the holiness of the Bride. To put that in more practical language, we are asking believers in Yeshua (Jesus) to make a commitment to holy living. We’re also asking pastors and other leaders to make a commitment to leading their flock in holiness. We keep the guidelines of our Sacred Community at the bottom of this page, should you wish to formally join, and for those unsure about all the guidelines, you can participate as friend or ally with only a partial commitment. We also feature learning resources about how we can pursue holiness, some of which I’ve written and some of which come from other sources.


Let’s face it, at this late hour, and with the Body of Messiah living much like the rest of the world, we ought to have a hard time complaining about the godlessness and immorality surrounding us. Our complaints sound immensely hypocritical when we are living nearly as they are. So before we seek to change the society around us and be a light to the world, let us pursue radical change in our own lives. Let us seek a lifestyle which is truly grounded in our faith, and immersed in the perfect holiness which our Savior provides. After all, we are to be His Bride.


If you are not used to having many standards of Christian holiness in your lifestyle, I’d imagine the commitments we ask you to make sound very heavy if not beyond what you would ever consider. Nevertheless, I urge you to start somewhere, even with a few of them. They are spiritual treasures. I began with one or two commitments myself, and by the grace which God freely provides, have taken on even more into my lifestyle. Why did I do it? Because I honestly sincerely believe all of us should live in committed holiness. And truth be told, if I want everyone to live that way, I ought to live that way myself. So remember we are not asking you to take on something that I am not willing to do myself.


It is my passionate belief that if we humble ourselves before God, and allow Him to transform us, He will use us as His light, His lamp His Menorah to the world. We only need to let go of our committed worldliness. Let go of living how we want to. Then, we will be a living example of God’s love. Then we will have something to teach the world around us. Then we will be a Ground Zero for a new society.


Please come and join us.