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Why Teachers Will Become More Demanding in 2019 for Students. New Trends in

Jan 09, 2019

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In the past decades, many changes have taken place in the education sector, most of which are geared towards a desire to cope with Edtech in academia. Any teachers or student who is yet to experience, for example, revolutionary smart classrooms should make an effort to do so. It is the future alongside which we should all align.

In this post, discover some of the most popular education trends of 2019 and how they will push up demand for teachers.

Understanding Education Trends in the Digital Age

You don’t have to be a tech-savvy to understand trends or how they affect the lives of teachers and students or any other person. Today’s digital media platforms help furnish internet users with news, firsthand. With the help of professional essay writing service, for example, you can request for a course/professional-specific case study essay on how social media, hashtags, Google News, Apple News, and other platforms are fanning trends in education far and wide.

However, take note that for something to qualify as trending; it must not only be popular but also a product of innovation. Most of the times, and even this year, you cannot ignore the fact that Education technologies are powerful forces that fuel impactful changes in academic policies, teaching methodologies, school administration guidelines and tech-driven approaches to researching and analyzing.

2019 Education Trends That Will Push Demand for Teachers to an All-Time High

At this point, let’s explore some impossible-to-ignore trends in academia this year, and which further push up demand for specific teaching skills.

# The Uptrend in STEM Education

We would all agree that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are indispensable subjects which students preparing for studying must take seriously. In the U.S.A, for example, many states are reporting a sharp decline in teachers who specialize in STEM subjects, especially in public schools. There is, therefore, no doubt the demand for such skills is set to skyrocket in 2019. And as the world speed towards a future of artificial intelligence, it only makes sense to say that educators who can handle these courses will utmost professionalism are at the core of imparting STEM knowledge into would-be future scientists whether at middle school, high school or college/university level.

# Student-Centered & Personalized Learning

We are not only aspiring to be part of a future that looks promising on the technological front but also wants to own it through student researches. With this desire, personalized learning is also set to be a big trending issue in education this year. It is a system premised on designing learner-specific needs such as job market demand, IQ levels, and technology, pacing in knowledge dispensation, models and purpose.

When you explore each of these facets in details, it goes that in 2019, governments will have to employ more teachers who have what it takes to make personalized learning a success. Nevertheless, with the focus shifting towards teaching environments where students dictate terms of engagement depending on their specific educational needs, it is a trend we are set to discuss for a long time going forward.

# Digital Classrooms

From integrated classroom management systems, digital and interactive whiteboards, Edtech gadgets to game-based learning and gamification of the educational process in general, digitization of learning environments will undoubtedly remain a popular trend even in 2019 and beyond. Moreover, with personalized learning approaches becoming popular by the day, mobile learning is also set to get a facelift among top trending issues in education. Therefore, you would rather start preparing for researching more on how effective these approaches would be in transforming academia for the generation Z.

# Artificial Intelligence, Adaptive Learning Algorithms, and Data Mining

While a good essay and dissertation on AI, its impacts on coding for deep machine learning, robotics and data processing will help you discern the future of education, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends set to rule the internet in 2019.

The Bottom Line

There are many other trends in education that will play a significant role in shaping the 2019 academic landscape. Apart from what this post has explored, others like social/emotional learning, foreign language courses, teaching empathy, blooms taxonomy, blended learning and growth mindset approach to teaching head start in understanding are set to push up demand for teachers who are well-trained in these areas.