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Green Is The New Black|Singapore

We, at Green Is The New Black, curate the best directory of conscious brands in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and F&B which impact the environment and the communities in Asia and selected based on environmental and social values.

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Sustainable Clothing and Our Responsibility

Jan 17, 2019

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Our fashion needs are growing every day and with the growth in our fashion needs we are causing more harm to our environment, which is going to disturb our upcoming generations badly. What we as the present generation can do to protect our future generations is that we can choose sustainable clothing brands to meet our fashion needs. 

Sustainable clothing is the way to living a simpler and more responsible lifestyle. The first step to sustainable clothing is limiting your clothing or fashion needs. Buy new clothes only when you need it. Many of us have a bad buying habit that forces us to buy a new piece or pair of clothing every time we see that close friend or work colleague in a new dress. If you are working and already have six pairs of office formals that are quite good in condition, there is no need for a 7th pair now. Similarly, for college goers, if they have enough options to pair up and make a complete look for each day of the week, they need to limit their temptation to buy new clothing. Take good care of the garments you already have and buy a new piece only when an old piece leaves your closet.

In today’s fashion industry you see an exceeding rate of competition between fashion brands to supply fancy and attractive dress materials at a reasonable cost. Cheap clothing suggests they have to compromise on the quality and care for the Mother Nature. However, there are some great places that you would be able to shop sustainable clothing brands at. GreenIsTheNewBlack is a responsible source on the internet that makes the consumers aware of the beauty of sustainable clothing. You can get more information about sustainable clothing and ethical fashion brands on their website.