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Green Is The New Black|Singapore

We, at Green Is The New Black, curate the best directory of conscious brands in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and F&B which impact the environment and the communities in Asia and selected based on environmental and social values.

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The Importance of Eco-friendly Fashion Brands Today

Feb 14, 2019

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You are what you wear. Wearing clean and quality clothes does have a direct impact on our confidence and performance. Today’s fashion industry is overloaded with clothing brands and choices to wear. Whether you’re buying office formals or party dresses, there are endless options out there to confuse you. But, if you become a little more sensible and responsible as a buyer, and put a broad cause behind your shopping, your whole shopping would come out easy and pleasant.

What is that broad cause like? It’s about caring for our Mother Nature. Most of the fashion brands are using materials that are harmful for our environment. It’s hard to find authentic eco-friendly fashion brands, but it’s not impossible. They are few, but the good news is that new brands have started joining the list.

You need to understand the habit of your shopping. Maybe you have been buying 8 new t-shirts a year that cost you reasonably well. If you decide to use eco-friendly clothing, you may have to spend a few extra bucks because clothes made from natural and organic sources incur extra manufacturing costs, but you can limit those 8 t-shirts to 3 or 4 a year for the same cost. Organic clothes are much better in quality, so you will feel more comfortable and better since you have a broad cause at the back of your shopping. The noble purpose will drive you to making the environment cleaner, safer and better.

There are few eco-friendly fashion brands that supply their garments and essentials online. If you are in Singapore, the “Conscious Festival Singapore” is definitely a fantastic place to go. You will learn more about eco-friendly clothing and its importance for the humankind. You may head over to GreenIsTheNewBlack official website, which is dedicated to sustainable clothing.