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Jess Turrell


My plan for your future has always been filled with hope. - Jeremiah 29:11

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Pray for the Christian movie 'Suing the Devil' that it touches many lives and for the mob attacks on it to cease.

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Hey. The names Jess. I live in the little old town Gawler in South Australia. I go to Salt Church Gawler which is awsome. I really love China and I am going to go there when I finish school.

Think about China and how big it is and just how many people are there. Now think that most of them are probably going to hell. We need t pray for the Chinese government that they will allow China to be a Christian country.
1,321,851,888 is that estimation of China's population (July 2007). GOD BLESS CHINA.


Hi, my name is Janet PRIVATE VIDEO, SEXCHAT go http://v.ht/im18xx


I am here Pastor and Full time minister invites you and your team to make a visit India, kindly visit and see our orphans, widows and feeding mission weekly and also Churches among Hindu communities. Greetings and Good wishes in advance from India


Happy Birthday to you


Happy Birthday to you


Welcom on my Cross tv page! May the Lord our God bless you in this easter time and in every step you do with Jesus!

Global Day of Celebration 2014

Global Day of Celebration 2014 has visited you today January 14, 2013. Lloyd Paul Young

The CRIES Foundation

We at the CRIES Foundation are right behind you on that Jess. China's population is enormous. We often think of all the young children living in poverty in China, we know when you get there you will bring all of them to the Lord. God Bless you Jess.

Juan Jose Valverde Cordero

Happy Birthday beloved servant of the Lord. Blessings for your life and loved ones. Thank you for supporting our Prayer Chain World. BLESSINGS.

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Suing the Devil movie

Suing the Devil movie

Dearest friends in Christ, I'm writing to you as I hoped that you would be able to join in helping me pray for the | mais

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